The Untouched Apple

With eyes wide open he looks at her, with a seducing rhyme he speaks to her. "Take the apple Eve, you don't know what you're missing". She feels it, curiosity pulling her like a magnet towards the unknown. Her legs carry her, she loses control over them, she goes closer to the tree. She stands in front of it, her hands move to the apple....

But no, the devil himself can't control her. Before she touches the apple she moves back, she leaves, she goes back to paradise. Her body leaves, but her spirit stays, always wondering about the unkonwn, but never really knowing. She lives the perfect life with no worries, all her wishes coming true. In paradise hate doesn't exist, evil doesn't exist, dirt doesn't exist, boredom doesn't exist, anger doesn't exist, injustice doesn't exist. For Eve, this was the unknown. But how could she understand the love, kindness, cleanliness, fun, peacefulness, and justice she experiences everyday if she doesn't know what the lack of them really is?

She gives birth to two twins. Her sons Abel and Cain become friends, but how could they know the meaning of friendship if their minds never grasped enmity? Each of the brothers take their twin sister for a partner, but how can they know the meaning of sex if they never experience lust? They live with their faithful partners never understanding the meaning of faithfulness without knowing about betrayal. They give birth to healthy children never understanding what it means because they never know about sickness.

Soon enough all settle for what they know and the wondering disappeares, and the unknown remains not known. Humanity continues to live immortaly without ever understanding what it means to die. They live the perfect life but they can never feel a happiness they don't know the lack of, they can never stick to values that they don't know the lack of. They live in paradise, without meaning, without purpose. They live without knowing...


  1. but she was seeking for eternity not for an unknown experience!


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