An Eyeless World

I'm the source of abomination, of anger, hatred and disgust. I'm the evil, the sadness and the loneliness. I'm the darkness, not black, but grey, all shades of grey, all shades of lameness and badness. The colors of my world dim in the greyness of thoughts, and I choose not to see. Slowly my eyes fade away, they're swallowed inside me and they leave me in the world of nothingness, the eyeless world of emptiness. Soon the whole world that I fail to see starts fading in my greyness of abomination, my world too turns eyeless. The cat of tenderness, the bird of love, the gazelle of vitality, the dove of peacefulness, they all turn eyeless, they all become colorless. In my eyeless world I see how the grey abomination faded the eyeless cat, and I know I'm the source, and I know I'll be where it ends. I know that soon, it will be my turn to fade too in my own grey abomination.


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