Push the Limits

Yesterday a man jumped down to Earth from a height of more than 39 Km, and while he went up some have called him crazy and others thought of it as a game. But it's not only that he did this for research reasons that makes it a serious matter, what is even more important is that he pushed the limits of what the human body can do. What Felix, gymnasts, swimmers and Paralympians have in common is that they prove to us that there is always better than the best, that there is always more we can achieve, that our bodies do evolve and that every world record is actually breakable. This is what inspiration is all about, to do more than you're told you can do, to go where nobody else has ever been, to believe in yourself, to know that impossible is just another meaningless word.

Yesterday Felix has been able to see a different view of the world, he saw with his own eyes that the world is not a flat land. He went out of of the world, out of his comfort zone, and only by doing this he was able to see a truth, that the Earth is round. He took calculated risks, and only through these risks was able to prove his power. If he had chickened out and decided not to jump, he wouldn't have become who he is right now, he wouldn't have broken records or drawn a higher margin.

There is so much to reflect on and learn from in Felix's flight, in fact it's what we all should do. No we shouldn't all try to jump from almost outer space, but we should all try to push the limits of our bodies and spirit, get out of our comfort zones, take calculated risks, lose our fears, lose our flat views of things, achieve more, believe that nothing at all is impossible, stop being scared to be who we really are and do what we really want to do because people might say we're crazy.

Felix pushed his physical limits by wearing a 45 Kg suit. He pushed his vital limits by going where the pressure and temperature are unbearable. He pushed his emotional limits by knowing that there is a probability of him dying but still decided to take the trip. He pushed his intellectual limits by going higher than any other human being has ever gone before. These are what makes up the personality, and it's pushing through their edges and stretching them that takes us closer to happiness. If one uses their intelligence, wisdom and will, if one gets in touch with their spirit, they'll be able to push any limit that has ever existed and live the right life for them.


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