The January 25 Revolution: lest we forget - Day 10: unity

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

After the battle the Good Land becomes calm, but it's a fearful, angry calmness. Everyone remains in their place; those in the Square remain in the Square, those at home remain at home, but those who support Mubarak disappear. The Square that was yesterday divided between those who are full of hope and those about to give up is now united under faith that they will topple Mubarak, and fear of what may happen on this day or the next day. To bring back the spirit, protesters call for another million man protest on Friday.

The Internet finally being back leads people to see what others think. Yesterday everyone was fearful, angry, or at least dumbstruck. Today they are able to speak their mind more easily. To this day, many may have thought that there is unity, that everyone was supportive of the revolution, at least until the "emotional speech", but social media make the difference in opinions clear. Opposing pages emerge, and on each, discussions turn into intense fights.

Two Facebook events are created, one calls for the million man protest and the other asks people to stay at home. Couples, friends, parents and children, siblings are divided between being with and against the Revolution, and some stop talking to each other. Everyone believes they are right, and they want the rest to agree with them. In days to come, we will figure out that what we're experiencing is far from the divisions we'll have to go through after the 18 days and up until this day.

While outside we discover divisions, the Square is again united, and remains united...


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