The January 25 Revolution: lest we forget - Day 11: the spirit

Friday, February 4th, 2011

When you've faced death more than once in ten days, you acquire strength that overcomes fear, and when this happens, nothing really matters anymore. When this happens, you can stand against army tanks and fighter jets and continue to be as resilient as can be. When Egypt faced death on January 28 and February 2 all walls came down, one by one, fear died, talk of reconciliation dissolved, and the unpredictable feature was not a reason to worry anymore.

And so, on February 4th, the turnout in Tahrir Square and all other squares of the Good Land is far higher than that of the previous days. The spirit too is higher, much higher than the helicopters that keep hovering over our heads and are met with chants that our louder than usual.  Spirits are much higher that the last floor of the State Television building where an ugly old man sits trying to figure out what else to say to turn people against the Revolution. And they're definitely higher than voices of shouting taking place at the never-ending Supreme Council of Armed Forces meeting, headed by Mubarak.

Jokes, music, drawings and songs spread all over the Square and elsewhere. Everywhere you walk there is a reason to be inspired, everywhere you look there is a reason to believe that this Revolution shall succeed.  Photographers take out their cameras again, bloggers their notebooks, and filmmakers their camcorders, and they take the Revolution of the Square and to every single home, through social media.

At the afternoon, there are Muslim and Christian prayers for the Revolution's martyrs in Tahrir. You could hear the tears in the praying voices, you know that there is something that was broken and could only be mended by our Revolution's success. But as soon as the prayers are over, and the first voice starts chanting "people demand toppling of the regime", grief turns into a powerful rage that can overthrow a million regimes. The whole Squares chants as one person, and it's not us who are tearful or afraid anymore.... 


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