The January 25 Revolution: lest we forget - Day 14: civil disobedience

Monday, February 7th, 2011

On days like this, when there is no million man protest planned, it's up to those at the sit-in and the loyal protesters to keep the Revolution's momentum going. And these people take their duty seriously. Tahrir Square and other squares all over Egypt are full, yet again. People feel that this may take longer that what we've first expected, and this surely is something to worry about, but to this moment resilience still wins.

The plan to keep people busy with work has failed miserably; they instead have started protesting at their workplace. And instead of having one Square filled with protesters, we now have a full Square as well as many other protests all around Cairo and elsewhere. This has happened without any prior planning, but since it did, calls for civil disobedience emerged. 

Wael Ghonim is finally released, and his first televised interview leaves everyone speechless. It was rational and emotional, it was heart-felt and wise. When he cries for the martyrs he bring tears to eyes all over the Good Land. He makes so many believe, and gives endless hope.  Ghonim played a big role in the planning for this Revolution, and tomorrow he shall play another role.

After it was announced that the Muslim Brotherhood would be meeting with Omar Suliman, the Square is now completely free of the Brotherhood members, and it's still full...


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