The January 25 Revolution: lest we forget - Day 12: rhythm

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

After one week of the country's public and private sector being completely closed,  it is now announced that work will resume tomorrow. Protesters ignore the announcement, and make one of their own. There will be a million man protest every other day; on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. If Mubarak doesn't leave by then, there will be another escalation on Friday.

By now, the Revolution has acquired a stable rhythm, and the numbers of protesters have grown all over the Good Land. Everyone now knows the best route from their residence to the Square. They know what's best to wear and what not to wear. They know when to visit and how long to stay. They know what to take to those at the sit-in; it may be something as big as a tent or just a bag of cookies. Those at the sit-in know when to sleep, and where to sleep. They know when they should guard and when to be guarded. They know who they should trust and who not to count on.

The demands of the Revolution are hung on one big banner in the middle of the Square, they can be seen clearly by protesters at the Square, by people at home by the army helicopters that still hover over protesters, by State Television cameras that barely show footage of the Revolution, and on monitors set at the Supreme Council of Armed Forces' operation room. They are loud and clear, and it clearly looks like this Revolution shall see no end until all these demands are met.

Wael Ghonim is still missing and no one knows where he may be. Ghonim forcefully disappeared eight days ago, just like many have been disappearing until this day, five years after the Revolution....


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