A Happy Thought

It was just a normal day, she was walking to work by herself, her earphones brought the best music to her ears and she held her morning coffee mug in her right hand. There was a soft breeze traveling by her side bringing the smell of newly cut grass to her. Birds were singing a happy song, she could not hear it, but she felt it just by looking at them. She loved life and she loved herself, she felt active and happy, she enjoyed every breath she took and for that she kept a smile on her face.

She overslept this morning, she was running to catch the bus to work. She didn't have her morning tea, forgot her phone and could barely wash her face. She felt the breeze pushing her in the wrong direction, she heard the birds shouting at her to walk faster. She saw nothing but traffic lights that she had to stop for to be even more late than she already was. She hated life, and she hated herself, she felt weak and unhappy, with every breath she took she felt angry with herself and for that she could do nothing but frown.

They passed by each other and in just a few seconds the hater saw the lover's smile and suddenly the world felt much better, much easier. She slowed down for a second and looked around and immediately understood why the other lady was smiling. She could see the beauty of the world and she too was able to put a smile on her face. She took a deep breath and started running to her bus. She caught it and arrived to work on time, all while smiling.

That's the power of a smile, always keep a smile on your face, always look for the beauty of life.


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