Fake Faith of our Time

The reason I brought up the story of the Assassins is that as I read it in Samarkand I felt our world being exactly the same. Some drugs come in fashion and others go, but fake faith always stays. Hassan Sabbah was able to brainwash thousands under the name of religion, and this is how it still happens today. This is how El Qaeda does it, and this is how the Egyptian El Takfeer wel Hegra, and others, had done it once. You just say religion and you have people ready to believe anything you say under its name.

This is how the Muslim Brotherhood does it, and in fact there is quite a resemblance between both groups.....

Marx said that religion is the opium of people, and he said that religion is man made. This is what the story of the Assassins proved to me, that it is the man-made version of religion that is the opium of the people. Remember the referendum a little more than a year ago? People had voted yes because they were told that yes leads to paradise. Because green (the color of the yes sign), is the color of Islam and black (the color of the no sign) is the color of the devil. Remember when people were automatically made to hate liberalism or secularism because they mean having a country of atheists, or literally, a country that would force your mother to remove her hijab? Do you know why the Muslim Brotherhood or Salafi supporters can never believe anything against them, even if they see it with their own eyes? Do you know why they are actually ready to die for them?

Many people had fallen for this, and still are. The idea is to feed people words that say that God says so and they'll have an endless faith in your words.

Hassan has always chosen the people with the strongest faith, fake faith, because these are the ones who can easily be brainwashed. He also chose those who had no tendency to learn, those with a nature that made them not able to get enough education to be free of all fakeness. Those are the people who happily died for an idea of a religion and always would.

It is only through real education that the number of those people could decrease. If people were to learn the real of philosophy of religion then they can be free from someone brainwashing them. If they had real authentic faith then no fake faith can get to them. It's in places with very bad level of education that fake faith takeover, and only through education can it be fought.

Hassan Sabbah was special and his uniqueness came from his ability to win arguments with people, to make them believe his words, to make them follow him, even to their death. Osama Bin Laden was somehow the same, so was Hassan El Banna. People had loved them because of thier words, people fell for their traps because they knew how to touch their faith. Bin Laden got people to live in caves in mountains with him in countries that are not theirs by fake faith. People would do suicide attacks and happily give their lives knowing about the paradise that is waiting for them just like the Assassins. It had happened, and can always happen.

This could easily happen in Egypt if we had our version of Hassan Sabbah. People are uneducated and religion moves them very easily. If people are not educated very soon we might find ourselves having a new Assassins group. With weapons everywhere we could find ourselves facing underground terrorism with a new version of Alamut or Bin Laden's caves. Whether ruled by Islamits or not, they can take control of us with their fake faith. If this happens we'll have to wait to get lucky for a leader to create a fake paradise on Earth to save us!


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