On Opinions

Yesterday I heard somebody saying that if someone is famous or a member of some party/group/association, etc then they shouldn't be allowed to say any opinion that they might have. And I know this is how things are in this world, but then suddenly it felt so unfair for people to not be allowed to say what they think about something, but not just unfair also unhealthy and wrong and it leads to hypocrisy. If I feel something but say something else because I'm famous and so not allowed to say my opinion then I'm a hypocrite. By forcing people to keep their opinions to themselves and say something else, then you're just creating a society of hypocrites, and that's what we are today.

An opinion is just a drop in a sea of opinions going between two shores one of ignorance and one of truth. How can an opinion be refined, how can it come closer to the shore of truth if it is never allowed to see the light? How do you expect people to come closer to the truth if they are not allowed to say what they really believe? How can people have true dialogues if they always have to hide their true opinions?

Why do you say that an opinion is wrong? No one holds the truth, so there can't be wrong opinions there can only be ones closer to ignorance that truth. And instead of talking about how wrong others' opinions are talk to them, let them say what they have and say what you have, and look for the truth instead of whining about how stupid others are!


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