I Run to you

In a forest where none may pass but you, I invade the unknown in search for the face I know. I crawl my life away longing for your everlasting touch that rushes life into my veins. It's a long journey that I have to take, I feel it with every heartbeat. It's the place where you wait for me, I feel it with every step that brings us closer. I'll walk and run and crawl and fly to reach you.

I walk everyday to reach you, I go all the way and with every step I feel my body getting stronger, I feel the energy, the excitement, I feel your love giving power to every muscle in me. I feel my legs walking longer steps, faster ones, I lose the pain, I feel free. No matter how long the journey is, I'll keep running through your forest. I run until my breath is sucked out of me, I run until my heartbeat is faster than a shooting star, my feet tremble and my back aches. It's only then that I find that I'm half way, I remember your scent and my breath is at peace, I remember the way the back of your fingers wipe my fears and my heart is at ease. I lean down in front of a lake, I see your face smiling back at me, I see your eyes lighting up my way and my legs don't feel the weight of my body. They stand straight and run, so fast, so high, it's as if I'm flying. I remember your embrace, I remember how safe I feel between your arms, I remember how your hands always gave me strength just by being around me. I remember them and my pain disappears.

The forest is dark and full of branches, small ones and big ones, all are obstacles, all try to stop me, but I find a way, I always make a way. I kneel down at times, I jump over others, I go around others, but I never stop, I never give up. There are holes in the ground, but no matter how many times I fall, I never fail. Energy runs through my feet, to my thighs I run so fast, I feel the heat, I feel my heart beat so fast.

Something happens and the air feels different, it's sweeter, it's lighter, it's scented. I see a light coming my way from afar, suddenly I feel so alive, like I have just been shot by an arrow of hope. The light gets closer and I stop moving. I'm pulled by your light, I lose control, my feet don't run, my hands don't make way, but I move forward to you. Your love brings me closer, closer to you, closer to life, closer to nature, closer to divinity.

I'm finally there, and I'm blinded by the light of your halo. I see nothing, but I feel everything. I feel it around me, and I feel it inside of me. The touch of your face is family, the touch of your hand is affection, the touch of your chest is burning love. The touch of your trees is home, the touch of the breeze is our story being written, the touch of our lake is the journey we'll live through. My heart feels warmth, my mind feels peace, my soul feels purity, my world feels free. You carry me in your arms, and I know for sure that it is all worth the run.


  1. Your writing is just amazing as I think your personality is too.


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