It's the First Time, but Won't be the Last

I have lived my whole life in Heliopolis. I have lived my whole life, except the past year and a half, in the Mubarak era. I have lived most of my life not allowed to get into that street, for security reasons. Then it opened for a few months, but I didn't even notice it was opened, although it gave an easier way to get into Korba, but I was used to it being closed. Then came a president, and it closed again, that's when I felt the anger. Yes, I have never used it, but I should be allowed to use it. We didn't have a revolution to have the same streets that were closed during the time of Mubarak close again now*.

Today I got into the street right before the Presidential Palace (Mirghany side) for the first time in my life. I got in there because we had a revolution, because the streets belong to us, we paid for them. I got in there because I wanted my president to hear my voice calling for him to free my brothers and sisters. My 11550 brothers and sisters who have been put in the military prisons and given military trials for no reason. And yes, even thugs and looters; military trials are not for civilians.

Today I roamed around the Presidential Palace with a couple of 100 people chanting that we will always be revolutionaries until we reach freedom. We reminded Mr. President that he himself was put under an unfair military trial. We reminded him that he was detained during the first days of the revolution and only got out because of the revolution, because he might have forgotten this.

Today I saw for the first in my life bearded men and some even wearing galabeyas singing Ultras songs and dancing. Yes, the Salafis of Hazemoon singing and dancing. And as if this was not strange enough, I saw ladies of all ages, some of them wearing niqab, also signing the Ultras songs and jumping with them. Today I learned that those people have fun too, I was wrong about them (about some things in them).

Today I saw so many cars cheering for us, more than any other day. This is not my first protest in Heliopolis, and they weren't This time people actually supported us and were happy with us, they weren't angry (or at least many of them) because we closed the street. It's probably because now Ikhwan are involved with the power too. And if there is only one good thing about my beloved Heliopolis it's that we're an Anti-Ikhwan district.

Today we protested peacefully by the Presidential Palace with the police doing nothing but watching us. We protested by the same palace that people were killed just because of making car accidents near it. We protested and no one could stop us. We were peaceful and civilized and we sent our message. Today was my first protest by the Presidential Palace, not counting February 11, and it definitely won't be the last. The revolution continues.

* And for the record, the area of Mubarak's residence is still closed.


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