Eyes Lit with Gloss

Night has fallen on beautiful Downtown, Cairo. It was a summer night and somehow the sky looked clear, without clouds or pollution. The crescent was just a small curved light in a dark sky, like lips smiling on a face that has gone to sleep and lighting it up in the middle of the night. There were million stars in the sky but only a few were seen. Like angels that guide our ways even when we don't see them, the stars lit the city. At a corner stood a shop as big as an apartment of newlyweds, it's lights were bright but focused on colorful stones reflecting their gloss on the window, they pulled every woman in the street like a magnet pulls iron, Its window had no iron though.

White, red, green, blue, the colors of heaven in a lady's eyes. By the window stood ladies smiling with enjoyment loving every piece of jewelry in the shop's window. Stood other ladies with sad smiles on their faces longing for a diamond ring or an emerald ear-ring that was too expensive for them. Stood couples choosing their wedding rings, the ladies' faces filled with excitement and the men's with love. Stood bored men waiting for their partners to finish looking at every single piece of jewelry there is then leaving without ever buying anything. Stood young ladies dreaming of the day their prince finds them and buys them one of those big diamond rings before taking them to fly on their white horse.

Inside the Jewelry store stood a crowd of happy people. A couple stood together with the lady trying out engagement rings, always trying to choose budget rings but never making him feel that she doesn't like it. On the other side stood a couple and two mothers all fighting over the size of the stone. On the wall there was a poster explaining what the five Cs are; the five Cs that every woman should know. When you buy a diamond you check five things: carat, cut, color, clarity and certification. A crowd stood in front of the poster and every single man asked the same question: "there is a certificate for the diamond"?

On the other side stood a man buying a ring for his mistress. Another buying a surprise anniversary gift for his wife. A family buying a necklace for their mother's birthday. A woman ,who lost hope in her husband, buying a bracelet for herself. Ladies on a shopping spree buying a whole new jewelry box. A couple with the man buying the lady a make up gift.

On another side stood women with their eyes filled with tears selling their jewelry that they have loved with all their hearts with every passing day. With every piece sold, the whole shop could hear a sob being hushed inside.

Inside the store there was a mix of feelings, loving, longing, missing, wishing, parting, celebrating. Inside the store stood a crowd whose eyes were all wide open, some with happiness others with excitement, some with tears others to hold back tears...


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