Sand Castles, 1

The sound of the waves of the sea still ring to her ears everyday... She has always loved how much memories it had brought her, but today as she sits in her own castle, the home he had built her,  and as the sound of waves set her eardrums to work she feels nothing but misery. She sits with her divorce papers in her hands and lets all the memories rush through her skin like a cold shiver that leaves you dizzy. She remembers everything as if it happened it's over.

She was six, nearly seven, it was summer time and that meant two things: the countdown to her birthday was on and it's the beach time. She had the privilege of living with her family in a city with a beach and so she spent her whole mornings at the beach. She had just got out of the water, her wet curls turned brown, she sat on the sand building a sand castle and watching everybody's every move from the corner of her eye. In her head she made a story about every kid, which city they came from, which sport they loved, who their friends were and she never got bored of her game. 

Beside her sat a young boy with brown hair flying in the air and shining in the light. He was eight, nearly nine, it was summer time which meant two things: the countdown to his birthday was on and it's the beach time. He spent all his summer with his grandparents who lived in a city by the sea, he'd only see his parents every weekend. Summer for him was the best time of the year, not because he got to swim, but because he got to build his sand castles on the beach. All the children would run to the sea and he'd spend most of his day on the beach building castles that where way better than of any other kid's.

He sat there admiring his castle when he finished it and she saw it from the corner of her eye. She loved his castle so much and couldn't stop herself from starting. He looked to her castle and saw just scattered sand. He went to her and said "come play with me, I'll teach how to build a castle". They sat together building their first castle, but were far far from building their last.

To be continued...


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