Sand Castles, 2

She sits alone in their living room, divorce papers on her lap, looking out their big glass window to the garden that they planned together. She remembers how he decided to make the curved front wall of their living room all glass to give the view of the garden. She remembers the times when they sat in the terrace, just out that window having, breakfast and listening to the birds sing. She remembers the times they've spent watching the sun set from the glass windows and reading books from the huge book case that covered the back wall. She gets up to find a pen, she has always known where to find everything around her home, but today not matter how hard she looked she could never find a pen in their living room...her living room.

They sat together building their sand castle and became best friends as soon as they started talking, it was like their souls have met before, or so would people say. He built the castle and she made up a story for it; where it was, who lived there, stories with many many details, just like his castle.

They met everyday to build castles and make stories then they'd race to the sea and spend the rest of the day there. They became great friends and loved playing together. Then when the summer was over he left with his parents and she stayed in the city but never went to the beach.

During the school year they never thought of each other, just a week after school had started she forgot about the sand castles and he forgot about the stories. But soon summer came back and as soon as they set foot on the beach, they remembered all the times they've spent together and their excitement grew with every step they took while looking for each other.

To be continued...


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