I was Named Mariam for a Reason

Some years ago, around this same time of the year, my mother knew she'll have a baby girl soon and she knew exactly what name she wanted to give her....

As soon as I was old enough to talk I have loved the sound of my name, but the more I've grown and understood who I was called after I knew how big of a gift my mother and father have given me. Today and everyday I celebrate being named after The Virgin, Mariam, Maria or Mary. I feel so lucky to be named after the definition of ladyhood, after the woman who let her belief bring her courage to stand strong in the face of a whole society that had every reason to believe she had committed adultery. To be named after the one who defined peacefulness and love for her son, her people and Joseph whom she had always loved. To be named after a teacher of motherhood, of pride and of power.

My name is said to have so many meanings, but the closest to my heart is the "beloved of God" which is said to have originated from the Egyptian Meri-Amun (beloved of the God Amun). God loved The Virgin and chose her over all other ladies in the world as said in the Quran and definitely in the Bible.

To be given such a beautiful name with such a beautiful meaning that originated from an Egyptian phrase is a blessing. To be named after the best lady that has ever been created, the one that could teach humankind so much if we just think and reflect a little, this is one of the world's greatest gifts... and it all came with an extra gift for free, my star sign is also Virgo =). Today I celebrate the birth of the owner of my name.

Happy birthday to the Lady of all ladies, happy birthday to The Virgin.


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