Why Should I Celebrate?

  • Because the people who have killed my brothers and sisters have been honored and have the chance to flee the country without every being put to court.
  • Because the person who justified the virginity tests, by saying that they have been done so that the girls don't accuse the army of raping them, is now minister of defense and head of SCAF. Nothing is different.
  • Because the country is in the process of being "Ikhwanized", every seat will be taken by an Ikhwan member or someone with an Ikhwany identity.
  • Because now every single thing, except for the judiciary system, is in the hands of one man.
  • Because now the president has powers that might be even more than those of Mubarak.
  • Because if the court dissolves the consititutional assembly Morsy will choose the new one. And yes, the SCAF would have made a very bad one, but so would Morsy. Not only this, those who will write the constitution will also come from the same stream as Morsy.
  • Because we got rid of a Military state to have an Islamic state.
  • Because people died for freedom and now freedom is dead. It started with Okasha and El Dostoor, and you and me we'll be next.
  • Because we're being brainwashed in a very wise way and most of us are falling for it. 
  • Because Morsy penetrated freedom of speech with dirty laws and without doing the same from people who are on his side like Khaled Abd Allah, and we all cheered for him because we hate Okasha.
  • Because he gave the killers a safe exit and we cheered for him because he fired them.
  • Because I don't understand anything and even though I hate both Tantawy and Anan more than many of you, because I have seen people die with my own eyes because of them, I know very well that Morsy will never bring this country anything of any good either, so it's from bad to bad.
  • Because deals between SCAF and Ikhwan keep sealing and we know nothing about them and in the end they all come to nobody's benefit but theirs.
  • Because when killers and traitors go unpunished, there will always be new killers and traitors.
  • Because what happened today resulted in nothing but more divisions.


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