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Wondering why you should protest tomorrow? Here's why:

  1. Although trying the old regime heads for illicit gain is very important, it's not at all enough, we haven't seen any trials for killing protesters, corrupting political life, and other more important things that have ruined our lives for the past 30 years.
  2. Mubarak and his wife are still having a special treatment.
  3. Laws are not implemented, at all.
  4. The police aren't doing their job, and they're taking their salaries every month from the tax payers.
  5. Minister of the interior is doing nothing, nothing, to fix the security problems.
  6. Many of the old regime heads and ex-SS officers are working to abort the revolution by spreading sectarian strife, and it's very easy for people to listen to them, so things get worse. And no one is arresting them!
  7. The SCAF keeps trying out things on us and doesn't listen unless we protest.
  8. The SCAF is not transparent enough.
  9. Military trials are unacceptable, if laws are implemented, then there would be no need for military trials at all.
  10. The SCAF is not listening to the people anymore and needs to be reminded that the power is ours. And PM Sharaf knows very well that the people are not happy and is staying silent.


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