Could we Focus, Please?

I know we don't live alone, and I know we can't hide from what is happening around us. I know we should always show support and solidarity in what we believe in. And I support Palestine and I believe that we, their next door neighbors, should do everything we can to help free them. But the question is, are we now strong enough to support them? And I don't mean strong enough to face the Israeli army, because I believe we're still kind of far from this point. Israel wouldn't want to start another war right now, especially with Egypt, they'd rather wait and see if we can still be friends. They already have Palestine and Syria to worry about.

By strong enough I mean are we united enough? Is our government strong enough to support us? Is our country organized enough to have us forget about it, even for a minute, and focus on other things? Because if we are not strong enough then it's acting, it is something symbolic. This could be good too, but when our country is very messed up and is being fought against very very hard to abort the revolution and divide us then this is not a good idea.

When there is sectarian strife everywhere then we should focus on this. If this Palestine protest is going to make Christians feel unimportant then it should have been called off. If many are feeling scared and worried because there is no stability then we should only protest when all else fails. If there is a very strong counter revolution lead by ex state security officers then we should focus on having those imprisoned. If Mubarak is still living in a five star hospital then we should focus on enforcing justice on everyone. If laws are not enforced and the police won't do their job then we should focus on sacking the minister of the interior.

Because if we don't solve our problems first, then we won't be able to solve anyone else's. If we're not strong enough, then we'll be useless. So focus on solving your country's problems first, then help Palestine with all you can.
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