A little less than four months ago, a mother and a father lost their son or daughter, and with them, they lost a part of their soul. Somewhere in this country, a little less than four months ago, kids had to live without their daddy, they'll have to grow up without having him around. A wife will have to live without the love and care of her husband. A husband will have to live without the love and tenderness of his wife. A friend, a brother, a sister, a lover, many have suffered the loss of someone special. They had to lose them to give every single person who's still alive a better future. These people had to die so we can hold our heads up high. They died to make us proud. But are we making them proud? Or are we having their families regret the day they let them go lose their lives for us?

On February 2nd, that black Wednesday (mawk3et el gamal), I met a man I don't know in Tahrir, he introduced himself as a retired army officer. He asked: "are you worried that the army might open fire on people? This will never happen. Do you know why? Because in the military academy, we were taught, we were fed, the love of Egypt and its people. We were taught to defend this country and its people. We were taught to give our lives for this country and its people. That's why you can be sure that the army will never open fire on the people. In the police academy, the one they call Mubarak academy they are taught, they are brainwashed, to protect the regime and only the regime".

The man left, and a few minutes later the battle started, and the army sat and watched its people, as the man called them, being killed. Many died and the army was "neutral". Days passed, and we kept chanting that the people and the army are one. We didn't forget that they saw people die and did nothing, we forgave because we wanted them on our side, we needed them on our side.

More days passed and we overthrew Mubarak and his regime. And the SCAF took over to protect the country and to make sure that all the legitimate demands of the people are met. People said they wanted a civil presidential council, but the SCAF said no, and we accepted. People had many demands in the past three and a half month and the SCAF only did what they wanted to do. But they kept reminding us that they believe in our revolution and our legitimate demands. In truth, the only thing we must always remember is that the SCAF has done nothing, absolutely, without very strong pressure that usually came in the form of protesting in large numbers.

We all know that the SCAF should leave office as soon as possible, none of us want to be ruled by the military again. Nevertheless, this post is not a hate post against the SCAF. Although I hate the way they're managing things, and I can never agree to them sentencing civilians in military courts. I hate that most of the old regime heads are only tried for illicit gain cases. I hate that some police officers are still not doing their jobs and are not being punished, I hate that Mubarak and his wife are still having a special treatment. I hate that those responsible for sectarian strife are known and are still free. I hate a lot that the SCAF is doing but I believe that hate talk won't get us anywhere. Talk won't get us anywhere.

I say no to SCAF, but I don't want a presidential council, because I want this transitional period over soon. I don't want a presidential council because I shall only demand what the majority wants, because otherwise it won't happen. My no to the SCAF is reminding them that this is our revolution, that it's our demands that they should work on. This isn't a message to the SCAF, they don't listen unless we all shout out together. This is a message to the people, to remind the SCAF of our demands.

This is not a hate post, not because I don't hate the SCAF, I do. It's not a hate post because we can't afford hating everyone, losing everyone. It's not a hate post because I believe that we should play politics with them rather than show hatred. This isn't a hate post, because a hate post will show the anger of tens of bloggers, but won't show the power of people. It's not a hate post because I believe that we should not waste our time on fighting with them, but rather force them to meet our demands, like we always did, by protesting in millions.

I'm someone who believes that we should only protest when all else fails, otherwise we will lose the support of people. But when the SCAF is not listening by any means other than protesting then we have no other choice. So instead of talking about how awful the SCAF is, even though we know they are bad and are part of the old regime, I think we should talk people into joining the protest on May 27, because if we don't protest in millions, then it's going to be against us.

This is not the time to fight, it's time to remind people of their duty towards the martyrs, and towards Egypt. Our duty is to make the SCAF listen to us and meet our demands, and we never failed to do this when we protested in millions. But is May 27's protest going to be a million man protest? The answer is not necessarily. Why? Because we are not united on the demands of May 27, because the talk about it on TV and in the streets is not enough, because it's getting hot!

As sad as it might sound, some people might not join the protest because it's hot, the temperature is going to be 37 degrees on Friday and in Tahrir square, it might reach 40. And we need numbers, we need to be a million, even if those who wouldn't come because of the temperature are not revolutionary enough, we need them to be a million, so I think that from now on we should protest after Maghreb prayer instead of Friday prayer.

The demands have to be clear and understood by everyone, the demands should only be focused on what we can be united on. So the demands should focus on implementing laws, having the police do their job or be punished, trying the regime heads for killing protesters, fraud, and everything else, not just illicit gain and money laundry, and imprisoning Mubrak. 

Those who call themselves activists, should be active on the streets, not just online. They should talk to people, tell them why they should join the protest and listen to them. Because, bloggers, activists and the upper middle class that use the internet are nothing, and I mean nothing, without the rest of the country. Yes, they're always the people that start protesting, but nothing happens without the help of the rest of the country. That's what everyone should focus on, that's our duty. That's why people died, and this is exactly why we should never give up, because we owe a lot to this country and to the martyrs. Because we should continue what we started, so talk to people, talk to everyone you know, to everyone you see, tell them why we should protest, remind them of their duty, and show the SCAF that the power is ours, and that they're only here to meet our demands, and nothing else....  


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