Bin Laden is NOT a Hero

Since the day Bin Laden was killed, I've been hearing so many people calling him a hero and others calling him a martyr. I've been trying to understand their opinions, and I've got so many answers, but they all revolved around one truth, he's fighting the enemy. But there is a lot to think about when this sentence is said. And let the first thing we ask ourselves be who is the real enemy? whose enemy are they? And why?

The first answer would be that America is the enemy, but think again, is the enemy the Americans or the American government? I know America is a democratic country and I know that the government speaks in the name of the people. But anyone who has spent a day in America would know how brainwashed these people are. They only care about having a house, a good job, and a big car. Anyone would know that they know nothing happening outside the borders of their country. Their media doesn't show it, and they don't even care.

I happened to wake up in a hospital room alone in Arizona at 7:00 am just a few days before September 11. I turned on the Television and found Good Morning America, Good Morning West, Good Morning Arizona and the list can go on forever. I found nothing, and I mean nothing speaking of anything happening outside America. I know you might say that there is CNN but who would watch it when most of the Americans' worlds stop at the very borders of America? And I'm not saying this is right, but it is a fact that we have to be aware of. Do you know that after around 5 days of the starting of the Egyptian revolution Americans were asked about it and around 50% didn't even know that there was anything happening in Egypt? And let's assume they do know everything going on in the outside world, can't we also remember that it takes only 51% of the people to choose the government? Meaning that 49% of the people might not accept the government's foreign policies. So we can't generalize by any means. We can't say that any American is an enemy.

The second question is whose enemy are they? And by they I mean the American government. Answers to this may br: they are the Muslims' enemies, or the Arabs enemies. Someone else might say that they are the terrorists' and the terrorists' supporters' enemies. My opinion is that the American government is any human rights defenders' enemy. And I'll state why in the next few lines.

But before I say why let me state the reason why Bin Laden thinks Americans are the enemy. His idea is that since Israel wouldn't have survived without America's help and since Israel is killing Muslims (and civilians), then America is the real enemy for all Muslims. Not only this, but Americans have also killed many Muslims then this is also another reason to say that they are the Muslims enemies. And since Israelis are killing civilians then he is allowed to kill civilians too. This has always been Bin Laden's idea since he decided to go to Afghanistan to fight Russians (jihad).

Now to my idea, the American government has been killing civilians for more than half a century. In Japan, in Vietnam, and later in Afghanistan and Iraq, and there is so many others in the middle. I think most of us would agree that this is wrong and unacceptable, even if it's a war. Killing civilians can never be acceptable, you can never really "like" someone who kills innocents. That's why I think the American government is the enemy of any human rights defender. And this is also why I think Bin Laden is not a hero, but rather a terrorist.

Because the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Bin Laden said Americans were his enemy because they killed Muslim civilians and went and killed civilians himself. If I say that the American government is my enemy for a certain reason, then anyone who practices the same idea should be my enemy too, otherwise I'd be having double standards. And please don't say that Americans started it, I know they did, but if this is the way we deal with things then we're going to live in a forest, not the 21st century.

Killing more than 3000 civilians can never never be right, it can't be accepted. 3000+ families have lost a loved one, how can this be all right? Even if the American government did the same thing, even if they're wrong, then why must he be wrong too? Because he can't fight their army? So you kill innocents? That have no means of defending themselves? I can't see this as a positive step. Plus the idea of Jihad also needs to be thought over, when is it right and when is it wrong? Is this Jihad or is this "if anyone slays a human being – unless it be [in punishment] for murder or for spreading corruption on earth – it shall be as though he had slain all mankind"? Jihad should be against people who killed, but when killing people that might have never touched a weapon, that might be against his government, then our religion says that he will be punished.

Another opinion about why Bin Laden is a hero, is that he is the only person who was able break the dignity of the Americans when he killed 3000+ on September 11th. If this is so, then by breaking their dignity, he has also given them the excuse to have a war against "terrorism". And yes, I know, they would have fought this war even if September 11th hadn't happened. But they would have needed to find another excuse to do it, so why give them the excuse? Is it worth it? I mean breaking the dignity, is it worth killing so many people? Killing people in America, Afghanistan and Iraq? Because I can't say that Bin Laden is not responsible for it, even if he's only the excuse.

And yet others say that he is a martyr, because he was killed when he was unarmed. And because he should've been tried. Here, I have one thing to remind you of, El Qaeda has admitted being responsible for September 11 and many other terrorist attacks. If someone admits to killing innocents, then they should be killed, according to our religion too. I have to say that it would have looked a lot more civilized if he were tried, but taking into consideration that the American Government is also made up of terrorists, this is expected. I will not go into the part about Americans saving up killing Bin Laden to when it's needed, but I'll say that I believe in this. I will also not go into the part about that we don't have enough evidence that he was killed. If he weren't killed he would've come out on us and said he is still alive.

Let me just say one more thing to those who believe that Bin Laden was hero; our image was damaged because of this man. And please don't say that it is not important, because it is. If the most popular Muslim person to the west is a terrorist, then this is a huge problem. If that person is talking in the name of Islam, then it's a catastrophe. If we, not only accept this, but even some of us support him and like his ideas, then this damages the image of every single Muslim, and make the west think that we are all terrorists. Our image is important, it is important that everyone knows the truth about Islam, even if they are shallow-minded. It's not right that anyone thinks that Muslims are terrorists and we say nothing about it. And you support someone who tells lies in the name of Islam? Remember when the image of Islam changed in the west after our revolution? Because it was civilized, peaceful and full of positivity. Which looks better? Which should we be proud of? Which should relate to us? Which should explain what Islam really is?

I'm not against Jihad, but this is not Jihad. Jihad is fighting to free your country, like Hezbo Allah. What's the difference? The difference is that Hezbo Allah, are fighting people who colonized their country. They're fighting people who took their land, they're fighting in Lebanon. Civilian Israelis inside Lebanon took over their lands and homes, they came to live in a country that is not theirs. Hezbo Allah doesn't go kill civilians in other countries. That's Jihad to me.

The last thing I have to say is that Americans have no reason to be happy, unless they do our upper Egyptian kind of vengeance. Because the fact that Bin Laden died doesn't mean anything at all. El  Qaeda is still alive and kicking and those who think that Bin Laden is the snake head, are wrong. This snake has too many heads. El Qaeda is not a person or two, El Qaeda is an idea, and it's still alive. Killing Bin Laden doesn't mean that El Qaeda is dead.


  1. Your words are true BUT based on the fact - as you assume it is a fact- that Bin Laden (AL-Qaida) was responsible for 11 september !

    this is not true !!
    I recommend you see many american programs (I can bring you some) that speaks about the conspiracy theory of 11 september and how many suspects are there
    and many voice and video technicians speaking on how easily they could fabricate such a tape of confession of Al-Qaida (Usama Bin Laden) and extracted many errors if fabricating this video many actully

    so it is not proved by any means that Bin Laden was responsible for any killing of civilians !!

    about being a martyr ! this is not an issue that we show our opinions up on.. it is a critical Religious issue..however according to our scholars..HE'S A MARTYR..he may have done wrong things..but he was a muslim who got bombed .. a martyr (with no doubt) !!
    about killing the terror-causing people in got ittotally wrong so you have to read first about it :)
    because not any of those got killed (like the common MISTAKE that ppl believe that the thief has to has his hand cut...NOOOOO..OF COURSE NOT..IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE..there are cases .. and conditions and many things..) and who kill ? america ?? or the Ruler who will apply 7dood Allah .. ??

    Let me tell you something ..
    BinLaden was from one of the richest arabian families..he had all a man can have to enjoy a life .. and he could have chosen this way ..he neither needed fame nor money ..

    He chose to speak for us - muslims- not really us but those palistinians and other muslims bening tortured..

    He may have done mistakes .. but never proved to kill A muslim or any other civilian..always bombing soldiers and invaders ..

    the only one who dared to threaten the American government and American Government supporters ..

    even if he was wrong ?? where is the trial ? or else you suppose we kill mubarak and alAdly with no trials ?? it is exactly the same ! may be Mubarak and AlAdly are much worse !!

    Our image was not damaged of this is damaged caz of the corrupted american media>>!

    and where do we get any info. about this issue from ?? AMERICAN MEDIA !! so you can neverbe sure even if the evidence is what if the evidence is so weak and ... !!

    do you think by his death .. we will look the media is still as it is ..the hatred in their religious speech appears in every single talk show or program they do give..

    Though I respect your writtings in general ..
    but this one is full of mistakes (as I believe ) and having no strong evidence /proof of any of it !

    w we have to make sure of every single word we say about any living one .. or ele it owuld be a GREAT SIN ! .. and it is much worse to speak about a BAAAD dead person !!! so it is much more dangerous to speak about A DEAD Muslim who was bombed and thrown in the sea even if I do not agree with what he did (though I am not sure of what he did and what he didn't) !

    Last .. I hope my words didn't upset is just my opinions..

    بما أنه مات فلا تجوز عليه الا الرحمة
    اذكروا محاسن موتاكم
    عليه من الله ما يستحق
    و لعله أخطأ و أصاب
    فخطأؤه على نفسه
    و حسابه على الله
    و لا نلوث ألسنتنا بذكر ما لا علم لنا به عنه
    و لا نظلمه دون ان نتحقق
    و بس كدة

  2. Ok first let me say that of course your comment didn't upset me by any means. I was never expecting the whole world to have the same opinion :).

    Then I'd also love it if you point out the mistakes in this post, I'd love to know about them.

    Ok now about the many conspiracy theories. I'm not actually a big fan of them, especially when they don't make any sense. If what you're saying is true, then why didn't el Qaeda say that it wasn't them who are responsible for September 11? Plus it is not only September 11, there are many other terrorist attacks, including the embassies.

    The only conspiracy theory that makes sense to me and might be believable, is that this was an agreement between el Qaeda and some republicans. And if this were true, then he is still responsible for it. We both know his not stupid and that he definitely knew the consequences of it too.

    About being a martyr, would you for example call a thief who got killed while trying to arrest him in America a martyr? And he is a murderer not a thief. So it's worse. The best thing about Islam is that it allows us to open our minds and think and that is what I did here. Bin Laden killed many innocents before, in September 11 and other attacks. And the Ayah states clearly that killing an innocent is as if this person killed the whole of human kind. So I don't see how anyone would count him as a martyr. Our religion states clearly that whoever killed is to be killed.

    The thing about who should kill him, I know it's not supposed to be Americans. But I don't even see this as a reason to count someone as a martyr. It simply doesn't make sense and Islam makes sense in every situation.

    I know he hasn't done it for money but some mistakes can't just be accepted. You say he spoke for Palestinians, he only says he did. But how exactly did he help them? He only resulted in more civilians and Muslims killed. And I repeat, if he wasn't responsible for September 11 he would have said so.

    And he did kill civilians many many times before and some of them might have been Muslims too, although it doesn't make any difference if they're Muslims or not as long as they're innocents. Please check again the terrorist attacks he's responsible for.

    And tell me, was it worth it? The number of people who died because of this daring?

    And to tell you the truth, if I had lived in America and wasnt a Muslim, bin laden would have been the face of Islam to me. He is the most popular Muslim there, because he went to them, killed them, and spoke on the name of islam, so it is not only the media's fault.

    To me, his death hasn't made any difference in anything. The only thing that would change the image of Islam is the number of important peaceful acts that reach their media because of how big they are.

    And last I'm not saying any bad thing about him, I am only analyzing some truths and facts about him and of course Allah yer7amo. And let me also point out that throwing his body in the sea is unacceptable to me as it is to you :).


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