Dreaming of a Label-Free World

Americans love stereotyping, African Americans are niggers, southerns are red necks, Jews are kikes, Asians are gooks, Germans are krauts, Arabs have too many names, starting from terrorists to sand niggers. And the list goes on forever. Giving labels to people and calling them names is very offensive, and it's not only done by Americans, this is done all over the world. But what is worse is dividing people into groups and jumping to conclusion about them according to the label they're given.

The best example to this is calling all Muslims terrorists. But there are other examples, and no matter how silly they might sound to you, they are offensive. Like for example, calling all blondes stupid. Or all Khalijis poorly educated, or all  upper Egyptians stupid, or all Damnhoories thieves, or all Egyptian women moody, or all Egyptian men dictators. Then reacting according to these conclusions is another catastrophe. Like taking all upper Egyptians' words for granted. Or like hating all Arabs because they're terrorists, or even all Americans because they're enemies.

Why the generalizing? Why group people according to their sex, nationality, religion or look? Why would all women think alike? Why would all Upper Egyptians think alike? Why would all Muslims think alike? We're all humans, with different personalities, with different ways of thinking, that are independent from anything.

I'm an Egyptian, I'm a woman. I'm an Arab, I'm a Muslim, I'm an American (well I am only on papers, but I am). I'm a 20s girl, I'm an Engineer, I'm a Virgo, among many other things. Which group are you going to put me in? How are you going to label me? And if you do, please note that you'd be jumping to wrong conclusions about me. Because I'm an Egyptian woman, but not moody, I'm an Arab but not an old school kid, I'm a Muslim, but against terrorism, I'm American but against the so called wars against terrorism, I'm an engineer, but love literature and have a colorful world of my own. 

So please, next time you find yourself stereotyping, think again. Not just in order not to offend people with labels you give them, but for your own good. Give yourself the chance to know the person before you start judging. Please don't think you know everything about the person when you only know one thing about them, please open up and listen to the person before thinking you know how they're thinking. For your own good.....


  1. Great post. Can't agree more!

    We are all connected since the early dawn of history and that's what ppl need to know. Especially due to the globalization, we are getting more and more connected; affected and being affected by each other: Physically and Mentally. Therefore, at some point in the future we would all actually have similar if not the same human characteristics. Them being race, traditions or even personalities.

    Therefore, It's just a matter of timing for Life to balance itself naturally and show ppl the fact that they have been trying to hide or neglect for years. There is nothing more to be said except that it's the judgmental human nature which loves to control and dominate everything.

    "We might be the best software the universe hardware has ever had. However, we don't realize that we are also, the worst virus" -- Tj.Wallas_

  2. DoublePost:

    Thumbs up for English posts =D !

  3. oh, lol =D, I love English so much, but it's a fact that I have to write in Arabic too =)


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