Reminder: Save your Revolution, Don't Ever Forget

Remember those 18 days? Remember when you walked in the street and felt safe among millions? Remember being in one place with four million and not feel worried about being harassed or pick pocketed? Remember how powerful you felt? Remember the energy that filled the place? Remember how optimistic you were? Remember how disciplined you were? Remember how organized you were? Remember how civilized you were? Remember how clean you were? Remember how positive you were? Remember how resilient you felt? Remember feeling like the whole world can't stop you? Remember when your belief was so strong for anyone to break? 

Remember eating half your meal and saving the other half for someone you don't even know? Remember when everyone was equal? Remember when you were wise enough to think before you believe?  Remember how it felt to wave your flag up in the air? Remember how hard you chanted until your throat hurt, but you didn't even care? Remember how different singing the National Anthem felt from when you sang it in school? Remember how songs you've heard hundreds of times before brought tears to your eyes when you heard them in the squares of Egypt? Remember how astonished we made the whole world feel when we made it to the first page of every single newspaper?  

Remember saying that you're an Egyptian, not a Muslim, not a Christian, not a woman, not a man, not a liberal, not an MB, not young, not old, not Cairen, not Monoofy, just Egyptian? Remember when you knew that you will succeed in the end? Remember feeling that you're ready to give your life for this country? Remember when people spent 15 days in Tahrir, but it was still cleaner than it has ever been?  Remember when you chanted that the army and people are one hand, not because we are but because that's how we wanted it to be? Remember how everyone respected you? Remember how you respected everyone? Remember when you were ready to listen and learn? Remember when you and everyone got to speak up freely and say how they feel exactly? 

Remember how you were one of 12 million united for the same demand? Remember how everyone loved you and smiled at you? Remember how you loved everyone, smiled at everyone? Remember overthrowing a president and a regime while smiling? Remember when you knew that the revolution doesn't end by overthrowing Mubarak? Remember feeling how powerful you can be? Remember the first moment of freedom, when Egypt felt different, smelled different, tasted different?  Do you remember your revolution?

Don't forget what you've done for your country. Don't forget who you were in these 18 days. Don't forget about your rights. Don't forget your duties. Don't forget your love to this country. Don't forget the martyrs, don't forget your brothers and sisters who died to buy you freedom. Don't forget their blood, don't fail them, make them proud, forever. Don't forget the person you're supposed to be, for your country, for your family, for yourself, for your kids. Don't forget your revolution, yes it's yours, you're part of it, and it's up to you to save it. Don't forget how powerful you are. Never forget how powerful you are, save your revolution, keep it going, keep it strong, keep it clean, keep it civilized, keep it Egyptian....


  1. Dear Mariam,
    Great words & great Article,
    The best "Remember" in my opinion is: Remember how astonished we made the whole world feel when we made it to the first page of every single newspaper?
    &excuse me let me add a new remember: Remember when the smokers respects others & smoked just in smoking areas as a good manner.)))
    Really Go ahead.. We'll wait more & more from you.
    Mohamed Ibrahim


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