Why El Baradei?

I believe that no one should choose who to vote for before there's a full, official electoral program. But one can have an initial idea, and mine is for El Baradei. Here are some of the reasons why I think El Baradei might be the best candidate to be president in the following few years:

  1. He brought hope back into our lives when he came last year; spreading this hope will help everyone move forward with the country.
  2. He has never tried to be a leader, instead he encourages people to work for a better Egypt. How is this good? Having a leader would mean following one person on doing what's best for the country from his idea, but having a president that encourages people to work for the country will result in people renovating it in many different ways and in all fields, and that's what we want right now.
  3. He's not charismatic, and this is very very important right now. The next few years will be the time to build a strong democratic life in Egypt that will make sure we don't get another pharaoh. Having someone charismatic would make the very sentimental Egyptians love the president so much that they'd accept him being a dictator, and this is what happened with Gamal Abd El Nasser.
  4. He worked in a very important political position for so long so he knows the game very well.
  5. He's known for his very honorable stands against injustice from the time of the third gulf war.
  6. He's a noble prize winner and is a very good image.
  7. He's ready to have a dialogue with all different types of groups and parties.
  8. He knows the importance of  education.
  9. He wants to work for the good of the poor and wants social justice..
  10. He wants people to be politically aware.
Of course, this all doesn't mean that my vote will go straight to him, but for the above ten reasons, I believe El Baradei might be the best candidate for the next four years of the life of our beloved Egypt.


  1. Good Summary fe3lan :) i hope All the egyptian could understand this ... cause the last regime tried to show that he is the worst man in the world :)


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