Grow Back Down!

Why do people stop laughing when they grow up, Laughing until it hurts? Why do they stop dancing like crazy? Having slumber parties? Having pillow fights? Screaming for no reason? Throwing water at each other? Building sand castles on beaches? Watching cartoons? Jumping on beds? Drawing funny things? Singing so loud in the middle of the street? Wearing flowery clothes? Running, not for exercising? Eating sweets? Making bubbles with bubble gum? Forgetting the disappointment in less than a minute and having fun? Playing Music? Taking slides and swings? Eating lollipops? Loving balloons? Loving unconditionally? Having no enemies? Being pure? Living in peace? Making fun activities? Putting flowers in a girl's hair? Blowing bubbles in the shower? If this is what growing up is to you, then please, for your own good, grow back down.


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