Religion of Love: Unity

On what basis does one decide if a person is a believer or a non-believer? Why do you call someone a non-believer? What if they worship the same divine power you do but in there own different way? How does this make them a non-believer? That their practices are different from yours? What about the values? What if they have the same values but practice differently? Why would you call them non-believers? Why do we always look for differences and not commonalities? Why don't we look for the bigger meaning of religion? Why do we seek divisions rather than Unity?

You have Muslim Sunnis and Muslim Shiites fighting all the time and some extremists even go to an extent of calling the other an infidel. It happened to me just because I am against hate speech against Shiites. Same goes for the Christian Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant. So it has become even a fight of creeds not just religions. Even worse, there are fights between Sunnis who follow different doctrines, same with Shiites of course, and again they sometimes call the other an infidel.

We all worship a god we have never seen or know what He is like; all the words about "the hand of God" and "God loves/hates" is just a way to make divinity understandable to simpler minds. In all religions, even those that have origins out of the family of Prophet Ibrahim and even the ones we call "non-heavenly" or "atheists", killing is wrong, so is stealing, so is lying, so is rape, so is injustice. In all religions there is some kind of fasting, there is prayer, there are rules that tell you to help others, there is some kind of pilgrimage. In all religions there's love, there's justice, there's looking for the truth. The point is that rules are the same, the way rituals are practiced is different, and the story is somewhat different. But then the soul of all religions, its laws, are the same.

What is more important, the soul, what makes you a better person, or the chores that you do in order not to be punished or because you're waiting for a reward? What do you think would be more important to God, if that could be said, being a good person, one that makes a difference, or one that just does their homework without thinking if the way they live life in the righteous way or not? Think about it, go to the true meaning, and ask yourself whether we should seek unity or division. If you choose the soul, what is the same in all religions then you're choosing to love yourself and others, you're choosing to respect the difference in the way things are practiced, and this is what all religions are about, unity, respect and love, but not just of you, also of the other. Religions are there to teach us to seek unity beyond differences, and that is the point where we all meet and that's the point we should all hold on to.


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