What Would our Ancestors Do?

Our ancestors, the Ancient Egyptians, had a Pharaoh who was a tyrant, during his rule people were hungry and sick, they didn't do the work they fit for and were very unhappy (unlike how it was with other Pharaohs of his time). When his rule had finally ended, they've decided to give him the worst punishment there is. From that day on, Egyptians decided never to mention the name of the man again, they eliminated him from history, they made him lose his importance for decades or even centuries and it would have stayed this way if history wasn't changed tens of times for the worst of reasons. I will follow my ancestors' rules and won't mention the name of the Pharaoh...

I'm bringing this up because someone here in Egypt decided to raise the issue of a hatred movie that was produced on YouTube by Egyptian migrants a few months ago. The movie and its link were spread very much over the web among the people whom the hatred was directed at, why now? For reasons that are merely political, to pass an article in the new constitution.

In less than a week the movie was all over the place, its number of views has definitely had a huge jump (I haven't seen it), the name of its producer has been known by everyone, even his photo is now all over social media websites (with devil's horns). So what happened again? Hatred was directed at people, they never knew about it, when the time was right one of them decided to let it be known among them, they got really angry and decided to spread it ten times more, yes, exactly! Before this week, the movie was not even known in the country where the producer lives, today it's known all over the world.

I heard someone compare this incident to someone whispering an insult to person and the person replies by shouting "I can't believe you're insulting me". In one week this movie has been given publicity that they could have never dreamed of, and it all started on an Egyptian channel, yes. I imagine what would have happened if people have stayed silent about it and followed the footsteps of our ancestors, simply no one would have ever known about the movie, the name of the producer or his looks. What is happening now is that a bunch of people are insulting themselves and spreading a hatred message against themselves...
ما شتمك إلا المبلغك...


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