Religion of Love: Hatred of the Other

In the previous post I've spoken about hatred of a religion that most of us know nothing about, you might think this as hatred and enmity towards the unknown and not just any other religion, so here's another story:

When I was in high school, a new guy joined us in the spring semester. Just a few days after he came, the news that he is an Egyptian Jew started circulating everywhere, and his last name being a very Jewish name made every single student know about it. The boy came from one of the very very few Jewish families who decided not to migrate either to the so called Israel, or anywhere after 1948. For this they should be respected, but no, this did not happen. As soon as his fellow 15-year-old Egyptians knew that he was a Jew a huge shot of hatred was aimed at him. The boy was hit and insulted every single day in every class he entered and during every break. This has happened without him mentioning his views of Israel even once. He was discriminated against so harshly for nothing but his religious beliefs that we shouldn't even know about. Yes, a Jew, a believer of a religion with a Prophet we know and believe in, who comes from the same family as our Prophet, was made the enemy because of his religion. If you want to know how this story ended, the boy once broke down, probably after being treated in the same way in so many schools and said that he loved and believed in Israel and hated Egyptians, that's when he was hit very brutally and had to leave school. If he has ever left the country then he has been driven away by their hatred.

No, it's not about Israel, it's about him coming from a religion that is rare in Egypt, it's about being different really meaning being hated. This case with the strongest because of the religion being rare, but also happens all over the world with Muslims and Christians burning Bibles and Qura'ns. It happens everywhere with every Jew, Christian and Muslim seeing that they're the only true religion is theirs and that all other religions will only lead to hell. It's about hatred of the other, whatever that other might be, good or bad is of no importance it's being different that matters. If that's how believers of three religions that came from the same family feel about each other, then how would they feel about a religion that comes from a totally different time, place and world? 

This is really about people never looking for the commonalities, about finding reasons for hate, rather than reasons for unity. It's simply about a brainwashing potion called fake faith that controls the minds of people who call themselves religious.


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