Minus 1400

We go back in time more than 1400 years in a place not far from here. People who live there speak the same language we speak today, but that's about all we have in common. What were women back then but a sex toy? A disgrace.

The sex toy would be ready to be played with once she gets her first period, let that be when she's 9 or when she's 12. No wait, how did I say that she was only a sex toy?

When the toy is unlucky enough to find someone to play with her, she has to also turn into his servant; his maid, his cook, his foot masseuse maybe. Then what would sex bring but children if everything goes fine? And suddenly the 10 year old or 13 year old sex toy turns into a mother.

At 10 or maybe 13 the child is to be raped, no don't tell me sex would be enjoyable for a 10 year old who has yet to discover her own body, oh wait, they never discovered their own bodies. I'll rephrase, don't tell me that sex would be enjoyable for a 10 year old whose body hasn't even matured yet.... Plus being raped, she's to clean a house, wash clothes, cook, follow her husband's orders, raise children (while she is one herself), and keep a family together.

Why haven't I called her a sex slave? Because she is even less than a slave to a master who enjoys her body every night, she is a slave to every single man who lives where she lives.

Is this a nightmare to you? That was their life back then, a nightmare. And believe it or not, it might be the life of girls in my country. Yes, in the 21st century, in a country where Ancient Egyptians lived, girls might turn into sex toys....


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