We've Only Seen Tyranny

Every Egyptian who is alive today has lived only through tyranny and saw nothing else. The eldest of us have lived through the time of King Farouk and the British occupation. They have lived hating their ruler and their occupiers. Then when the Nasser's coup happened and turned into a revolution the whole country celebrated the fall of a tyrant and the beginning of a new era. They celebrated the start of an era of democracy, freedom, social justice and independence and when they ended up with only independence and some social justice they were happy and loved Nasser so much. They made songs, people had his picture hung in their homes, they cried their hearts out when he wanted to step down and they simply made a tyrant out of him.

They loved him so much although he brought less than half of their dream, of a new era, true because they have only seen worse and never better, and so they have learned to accept the least rather than the best. But even for those, now things have changed and what they accepted from Nasser they wouldn't accept from anyone else. Then Sadat came and made some things worse and others better, he was hated by many but some still supported him. Yet he came as a tyrant and died as a tyrant and was never something else any time in between. Then came Mubarak the worst of tyrants who was hated by the majority and who has witnessed, as president, the birth of the majority of today's population.

We made a revolution an came Morsy, he came to a population who have seen nothing but tyranny. And just like what happened with Nasser people have started to accept the least because it's better than anything they have seen. Anything that Morsy does better than Mubarak now makes him the perfect president that we should all cheer for. We forgot, or we never learned, that a president by default should be good, should work for the welfare of the people and the country. We always compare him to a tyrant and we celebrate that he is better than the tyrant (if he is any better). We accept and celebrate him being better than the worst type of president there is.

We need to remember that a president has to work for the country's welfare and that this is his job. For doing this he gets elected and paid and re-elected if he's good enough. He should not be thanked or cheered for for doing his job, even if he is doing it perfectly. We need to stop being hypocrites, to stop making our own tyrant and always remind our president that he's here because we choose him to be here, and that we can change our mind. That it's normal to do his job really well otherwise we'll make his life a living hell. No one should be thanked for doing what he's supposed to do, and I mean nobody.


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