Inspire the World

Have you watched the Paralymics Closing Ceremony last night? If you haven't then I advise you to do (video below), this post is about why I want you to watch it...

When a baby is born with a physical disability the family can either breakdown or accept, but then some families don't accept, they challenge. Some people are born with physical disabilities and we, "the healthy" see them as weak, as people we should feel sorry for. The truth is that they and their families are not, they're much stronger than us, than anyone else. They were created with a missing bone or muscle or whatever, and our Creator is just, and so they we're given something extra, they were given the determination that we all lack half of. Yes they have physical disabilities, but they have extraordinary abilities. We might have better bodies but we use them much less, we're never determined enough to defy the impossible, they are. They might be physically disabled, but for some of us it's our souls that are disabled.

In the Paralympic games this year, 251 world records were broken, this is how determined they are. In the closing ceremony there were disabled dancers, but they still lit up the stage. There was a drummer who had a disability in both arms, yet he chose the instrument that is hardest to play, that needs arms, strong arms, and he did the job very well. The Royal Para-Orchestra had a pianist who played with one arm, it had people who challenged all kinds of disabilities and played very well, it had a woman that played with her head and lips. I couldn't watch the games, because I'm weak, much weaker than them, but I watched the video that played during Coldplay's The Scientist at the very end of the ceremony. I saw one thing, will.

I keep thinking what would I have done if I were disabled, or if I ever had a disabled child, and the truth is that I'm too weak for it, I won't be able to handle it. And so, throughout watching the ceremony and throughout following the news of the medals and the records, I learned something from them, I was inspired. When I think what our team has achieved, I feel speechless, this is the strongest will I have ever seen. 40 Egyptian Paralympians, who lacked money, training and popularity got back home with 15 medals, almost 40% of them brought a medal home. They came home with four gold medals, 10% brought came back with gold. This happening in a country that knows of no sport other than football, and that knows nothing of disabilities is simply huge. London 2012's slogan was Inspire a Generation, and the truth is that the Paralympians really did inspire the whole world.


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