Religion of Love: The True Meaning

At a time when religion is the greatest of all weapons, the main source of discrimination, the strongest type of brainwashing, the biggest excuse to oppress, at times like these one should go back to the origins. To try to understand the meaning of religion so you can fight its misuse. I'm not writing this post about Egypt, although it is inspired from what we have been witnessing from the Islamits for more than a year and a half of using what they call religion to manipulate people's minds. But the fact is that this has always happened through history and is still happening today all over the world. Does Burma ring any bells? Nigeria? Afghanistan? The idea that all Muslims are terrorists maybe? Israel? India/Pakistan? Burning American Embassies, killing the ambassador? The examples are endless.

Going back to the basics could start by finding the origin of the word "religion" which has originated from re ligra, to re link or to re bind. To rebind with the Creator, but if we refine it a little then it's to rebind with the values of the Creator, with the goodness that He blows in our souls. To stick to the virtues that is. In Arabic the origin of the word دين is either the Hebrew word دان which means judge, and so it would mean law or from the Hieroglyph word dy which means number five, in Ancient Egypt the number five signified intelligence; to know the meaning of things not just the means, to know why not just how or what.

The common aspect between rebinding with the Creator's values, and The Law or The Intelligence is that the meaning of religion is to find happiness through living by its rules; through sticking to the values, following the law or looking inside yourself for the intelligence that has been blown in you, to know the meaning of life. Is this what religion is today? A source of living a right life, a source of authentic happiness, a source of balance in the world, a moderate strictness that lead to goodness, a way to live by reason, not just by memory? No, it's not, and not just in Islam, sadly it's in all religions.

To be continued...


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