80 Reasons to Love the Egyptian Revolution 2.0

Friday of Crawling, 11.02.2011

Now that we have won, after 18 days of hard work, it's time to list all the positive points of this revolution. I want to keep this list close to me to remind me of what people's power can do.

I loved our revolution because...

  1. Kollena Khaled Saeed's admin remained unknown for everyone, even most of those who worked with them until he got arrested. The 6th of April Movement's leaders weren't in the picture either.
  2. Kollena Khaled Saeed and The 6th of April Movement cooperated together as one to bring our revolution into life.
  3. The internet was used to spread the word about the revolution and everyone shared the Facebook event and invited their friends until the invitation reached more than a million.
  4. The 6th of April Movement has also worked on the ground and spread the word around the whole country, not only in Cairo and Alexandria, never minding the police that was always arresting their activists.
  5. Both movements were very optimistic about January 25th and worked hard to send this feeling to everyone around them.
  6. The first day of the revolution was Police Day.
  7. The government was taken by surprise by the number of people who protested on January 25th.
  8. Rassd Network reported everything from all around the country with photos and videos via Facebook and Twitter.
  9. Our government was stupid enough to think that blocking Facebook and Twitter or putting Egypt offline and cutting off mobile networks will stop the revolution from moving forward. Hello, remember that there were revolutions in the past before the internet and mobile phones were even invented? This made everyone angrier and increased the number of protesters.
  10. The protesters chanted asking the central security soldiers to join them and even gave them flowers as a sign of peace.
  11. This revolution was very peaceful .
  12. Protesters were never scared and never ran away even when the police was shooting live bullets at them.
  13. The demonstrations were always civilized, organized and under control. People, all types of people, have respected each other and treated each other with love. 
  14. Every single person in the demonstrations has cared for everyone else in there.
  15. The curfew was always defied. 
  16. People welcomed the army without knowing what they would do to them. They sent a message to them  saying that we were always one, and always will be.
  17. All men took whatever they found at home and went down to protect their neighborhood and neighbors when the police ran away to change their clothes and come back as thugs.
  18. Revolutionaries have also protected other buildings, like the Egyptian Museum
  19. This revolution has brought love back into people's hearts.
  20. Neighbors made friends with each other when this has stopped happening 30 years ago.
  21. They've chosen Tahrir square and because it's called Tahrir Square (liberation). 
  22. Revolutionary families divided themselves into two halves, one to stay in Tahrir square and the other to stay at home to protect it against the government's thugs and looters.
  23. Revolutionaries spent the night in Tahrir together without one indecent of sexual harassment.
  24. Everyone in Tahrir was always smiling
  25. Everyone knew exactly the cause they're working for.
  26. Tahrir was filled with positive energy, and always will be. It will always be filled with life and power.
  27. Old songs were played in Tahrir to encourage people, especially "Soora"
  28. Everyone who was part of this revolution reminded us of the Egyptian sense of humor that could keep you laughing insanely during the hardest times.
  29. People have never given up and were always resilient.
  30. The chants were always filled with peacefulness, positivity, power and a great sense of humor.
  31. Everyone was searched before getting into the square to make sure nobody carried weapons.
  32. Those who searched us were very polite and always apologized for it.
  33. The way they treated pro Mubarak demonstrators who got into the square and tried to talk them into going back home. They made a circle around them and walked them out of the square while chanting get out.
  34. The government looked very barbarian when it brought camels and horses into the square to people who had nothing to defend themselves.
  35. Those revolutionaries were very brave when the government thugs came to attack them for two days with sticks, tear gas, rubber bullets, Molotov cocktails and even live bullets and they had nothing to use except bricks and stones.
  36. They had hospitals in the square that was all voluntary.
  37. Whoever got injured took his treatment and went right back to protect people inside the square.
  38. Whoever got arrested came back to the square on the same day of their release.
  39. Jornos were very brave, they worked in the worst circumstances in the world and were kidnapped, but this hasn't prevented them from doing their job very well. Except, of course, those who work for the state TV.
  40. Thugs haven't sacred anyone away and people have increased even more on the next days.
  41. Whenever activists called for a million man march, the square had more than a million.
  42. There was no leader for this revolution and the youth activists haven't tried riding the wave.
  43. When some opposition groups tried to ride the wave, nobody's given them the chance.
  44. Whoever fell for Mubarak's second speech was brave enough to say they were wrong and was accepted by the revolutionaries.
  45. No one has left the square without their demands being met.
  46. The revolutionaries were wise enough not to believe Mubarak and his regime.
  47. They haven't fell for any of his games.
  48. Revolutionaries didn't mind staying for months until he leaves with his regime.
  49. Revolutionaries cleaned the square.
  50. Many people have always bought food and drinks for them.
  51. Revolutionaries were Egyptians from all walks of life.
  52. There were no internal or external agendas, or KFC.
  53. Tahrir square didn't only have a revolution but also a festival to celebrate freedom and unison.
  54. Our hearts ached, and always will, for the death of our 300 martyrs, but their blood has made us stronger and more resilient.
  55. They were never forgotten throughout the revolution and were always remembered and prayed for.
  56. They haven't forgotten the martyrs of The Two Saints Church and have made their 40th day prayer in the square.
  57. Muslims prayed in the streets with their shoes on, men and women together in great numbers, just like in the Hej while Christians protected them.
  58. The Sunday Coptic service was also done in Tahrir and Christians prayed while Muslims protected them.
  59. Revolutionaries have made a memorial for the martyrs.
  60. There were 6 million man marches, and most of them even had more than a million or two.
  61. At least 10 million Egyptians revolted together as one.
  62. We stayed resistant for one week when they thought we wouldn't be able to do it.
  63. When Wael Ghonim, admin of Kollena Khaled Saeed, was released and came on TV, he has even made more people join the revolution.
  64. Youth activists know exactly what they want, but have never tried to be the leaders of the revolution and always thought and planned before they acted.
  65. The army has always stayed neutral. This isn't the best we could wish for of course, but at least it's better than shooting on us like the police did.
  66. We got to know who the pro Mubaraks are.
  67. Democracy was already used in everything during the revolution.
  68. People have always supported each other.
  69. Everyone talked to everyone and smiled at everyone without even knowing them.
  70. We could walk in the streets at Tahrir without being scared.
  71. Tahrir had zero crimes.
  72. When some people tried to get into the TV building without the army allowing them, they were asked to stop, and they did.
  73. We did this all by ourselves without anyone's help
  74. Whenever everyone was disappointed, no one has given up.
  75. When everyone thought our revolution would turn into a violent revolution, we were wise enough to have it as peaceful as it has ever been.
  76. The first words of everyone after we won were that we're bringing the demands of our martyrs.
  77. This revolution has showed all the good in us.
  78. That this is a people's revolution. 
  79. People are still waiting in the streets to see words turn into actions, and cleaning them.
  80. And of course, because we won, Viva La RevoluciĆ³n


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