Revolution 2.0: Shafiq's Gang and Tuesday's Protest

Many of us have heard Shafiq saying that he speaks to "President Mubarak" every now and then. He didn't forget that we made Mubarak resign, he meant that. I'm not saying that Mubarak is still ruling the country, although some are saying so. But we all agree that Mubarak is living a luxurious life in Sharm, and maybe even contacting his people here to try to abort the revolution. He might be doing that to take vengeance or to be sure that he will never be prosecuted. And of course, he will never be prosecuted  as long as Shafiq and his gang are the ones ruling us.

Shafiq is very dangerous; if we let him stay in his position for much longer, he will divide us and abort the revolution. Why? Because he talks very well, he has the ability to make anyone believe him. He's trying to divide us in all ways with his very ordered words. He first said that the military might put Omar Soliman in an important position.Then he says that the case of Mubarak's fortune is in the hands of the military. Then again, he says that there is no need to rush in finding new ministers, they have a lot of time. That's after the military said that this is only a caretaker cabinet. 
If Shafiq is a good man, as some say, why did he bring Abo El Ghait, Aisha Abd El Hady, Sameh Fahmy and many others in his cabinet even though he knows how much they're hated? If Mubarak forced him to do so, why didn't he refuse to be prime minister? I will not bother with trying to prove that he's not the angel as some think he is, I only wish that we don't get fooled by his decent look and very smart words.

Shafiq and his gang are not only trying to divide the military and the people, they're also trying to divide Muslims and Christians. We all have heard the talk about the constitution's article number two, which states that Islam is main source of laws, but not the only. This article was added by ex president Sadat in the 1970s. Before that, the main source was the French constitution. This is a very sectarian act; Shafiq's gang is trying make Christians and Muslims fight together over this article and forget the real reason for our revolution. When Ahram made a poll yesterday about this article, they aimed at dividing us. This talk is definitely coming from the government's side; nobody has ever remembered to talk about the article except now! I have two messages that I pray will be heard:
  1. To whoever supports the removal of article two: you've waited almost 40 years, and I'm not sure if this article has ever caused you any problems. However, I'm pro a 100% secular constitution, and we can do this of course. Please remember that right now we're only trying to have democracy, make sure the president is not a pharaoh, and make sure that the elections can't be forged. Please remember that the plan has always been to write a new secular constitution when we're done with the transitional period. You've waited 40 years, please wait six more months and let's not let the regime divide us.
  2. To whoever is against the removal of article two: we've lived many years, or at least our grandparents did, without this article and nothing happened. The same inheritance laws were used, the same family laws were used. I'm not an expert, but I know that our grandparents lived a religious life, just like us, with the support of the government and the law. No one has ever had a problem that had to do with religion and the government without this article.
Please remember, than in six months time we will have a new constitution and a fair poll, and whatever the majority wants will be done. So please let's just not fight, let's not give the gang the chance to fool us.

The gang has also bribed the salafists, who have always been the government's best friends to do two things. First, they went on a demonstration last week and said things like, "we want an Islamic Egypt". They never said who they are; they wanted everyone to believe that the MB was behind this. Then on Victory Friday, they protested in big numbers to support the government. This is of course to make divisions between us, and it has been done in the same way for 60 years.

Please let's not let them divide us, let's be wiser than them. Let's hold on together and have one aim; to sack the regime. Again, when we have fair elections, nothing will be done against our will. For this to happen, we have to be free of the rest the regime. What do we do? Protest, save our revolution, don't let anyone take advantage of the revolution and of us. This Tuesday, there's another million man march in Tahrir to continue what we've started; to bring down the rest of the regime. Please be there.


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