Revolution 2.0: And a Month Has Passed....

It has been the best month in the history of Egypt, a month that was filled with different feelings. It has been a month that changed Egypt and Egyptians. It has been a month that has started with a flame of hope that came from the Tunisian revolution and increased with the enthusiasm of the activists. January 25th has stared with a few of us believing that a revolution might come to life, but this day has ended with a renewed hope and belief that grew, as the day went on, in the hearts of all Egyptians. The belief has turned into power when tens of thousands protested in the streets of Egypt not afraid of death anymore. The sounds of our chants moved the grounds beneath our feet, the strong will in our hearts has proved that there's no turning back.
A new fear came into our hearts when the police took off their uniforms and came back as thugs and looters. When it was normal to hear the sound of gunfire every thirty minutes or maybe even less. Then the fear disappeared and came back the feeling of safety into our hearts when we saw our neighbors going down to the streets with any weapon they were able to find to protect us. We all knew that their protection is way better than that of the police. The fear of the unknown has still kept us thinking of what might happen tomorrow; will the army fire on us? Will Mubarak bring more thugs? Will they be able to abort the revolution? Will the people give up? This fear has grown when the protesters saw the F11s flying above their heads in Tahrir, but it has grown in the hearts of those staying at home, not those staying in Tahrir. 
Then Fear has disappeared and turned into a huge bulk of positive energy that was born with the first million man march in many cities across Egypt. Then came Mubarak's speech that has made some of us decide to forgive him and decide that they don't mind him staying for nine more months. Then this feeling has disappeared after 24 hours when Mubarak and his regime brought their thugs and even animals to kill the very peaceful protesters in Tahrir, these feelings were turned into rage and hatred. The positivity has increased and the hope has grown, people understood how powerful they are and on Friday, there were at least two million in the square. And of course, throughout the whole time, the sense of humor has never left our protests.

Positivity increased with every successful million man march, the regime thought we won't be able to hold strong, but they were wrong. Then Wael Ghonim was released, and a river of purity has came out on people from a person who doesn't need money, has the perfect job and lives in Dubai. Whether you like that guy or not, we all agree that his TV interview was a great motif for some of the three million who protested in Tahrir on Tuesday.
Then came Thursday, and we all believed he will resign, some even started celebrating, and came the greatest disappointment when he didn't. Feelings of disappointment, rage and fear. Fear that the protests might turn violent and fear that the army might open fire on those who were too angry to even think and decided to go the presidential palace.

And a new day has started with new hope. People were still angry but they were able to think of what to do next. And there was nothing to do except to keep protesting, and we did. On Friday night, the feelings could never be described, but I'll try. First, I couldn't believe he really resigned. Then I heard the sounds of people cheering from outside and I knew it was for real. I felt free, I felt happiness, I felt success, I felt that we were right all the way, I felt a love that I'm sharing with 85 million Egyptians. In the streets, in front of the presidential palace, people were running and chanting 7orreya, freedom. I have never seen so many happy faces. People smiled at each other, greeted each other, even hugged each other. 

And we never gave up hope, we're still working hard to complete what we started, we still feel as positive as ever, as powerful as ever. We'll keep protesting until we bring down the rest of the regime. Today proves that we're still waiting for our demands to be met and won't stop until they are. Today there was more than a million protesting for their demands. They were united as ever, the people and the army, Muslims and Christians, and we will always stay that way, no one will ever divide us.


  1. I loved your blog so much. It gives me so much hope! Know that some people here in the U.S. support you even if the U.S. as a whole doesn't!! Thanks for all your wise words. I'm Muslim and I have Christian Egyptian friends here and I support the people in their revolt! Never give up, Alhamdulilah. Inshallah, your country will get a democracy soon.

  2. Thanks. I know that Americans support us, not only me, most Egyptians have nothing against American people. We know a lot of you are on our side. It's your government and the media who are not. Inshaallah we will bring down the rest of the regime very soon and get the democracy we deserve. Bring your friends and come visit Egypt this summer, you'll find a totally different country filled with positivity =). Thanks for your support


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