Revolution 2.0: To Everyone Who Supports the Revolution

The revolution isn't finished, we still have a lot of work to do. Our revolution is like a baby that we need to take great care of in order to grow. Many would like to see this revolution killed, and they have a very devilish plan. If you haven't read this article about the anti revolution, then please do now. It might have nothing new for most of us, but it's showing the complete picture, it's showing the attack we're under.

Let's all do our jobs to keep our revolution safe and make it grow. First, I was starting to lose trust in the military, and I now understand that I shouldn't. If they wanted authority and power they would've taken it a long time ago, but they don't. They want to bring us our demands, but are fought against buy the regime, who's very strong and has the support of USA and Israel. So please keep your trust in the military we don't want them to turn against us. They were always on our side and we want to keep them there. Please stop saying comments against the military, they're trying their best, but the job they found themselves stuck in is a very hard one.

Second, whoever trusts Ahmed Shafiq because he built terminal three, please think again. He's part of the regime, he's 100% against our revolution, he can never bring us democracy. He will never bring us fair elections, he will never bring us a technocrat cabinet. Why would we want some one who was always against our revolution to stay? How can we trust him? If Ahmed Shafiq stays, the whole regime will stay.

Third, please let's stop spreading rumors, please this is very important. A rumor is one of the greatest weapons used by the NDP and the regime. By spreading rumors, we're helping them reach the minds of more people. If you're wise enough not to believe the rumors then this is very good, but please remember that if you spread these rumors others might believe them and turn against the revolution. We want to keep everyone on our side as much as we can. So please don't share any news unless it's confirmed and you're sure of it. Also please think of the news you hear or read before believing it. Some rumors are even too stupid to believe.

There are three types of rumors being spread by the NDP youth:

  1. Rumors about the revolutionaries: whether you're with or against any of them, please don't spread rumors about them. Also please take the time to think of any piece of news about them before you believe it. Please remember that their enemies and ours are working very hard to make us believe rumors about these people. Because if we do, the revolution will be dead and gone. The coalition is very transparent, we have their demands list and it's acceptable to all of us, and that's the most important thing.
  2. Rumors about Mubarak's health: he's live and kicking, these rumors are aimed to make us forgive him and feel sorry for him. This is the exact same reason there are events on Facebook like "gom3et rad el gemeel" , "e7na asfeen ya rayyes" and "a farewell party for Mubarak". To anyone who's attending any of these attends or is spreading these rumors, please think again. Think of your money that he stole, think of your country that he sold, think of martyrs, who look like any of us, that he killed. Think of their families. Think of your dignity that has disappeared, think of those who've been living under poverty line for as far as they can remember. Think of unemployment and illiteracy, think of dictatorship and forgery. Think of bribery and corruption.
  3. Rumors about opposition: some people are trying to form new opposition parties, that are not really opposition. The NDP wants to divide us, so they act as if they're opposition groups and try to brainwash us. What we need to be sure that not every party that calls itself opposition and pro democracy really is pro democracy. We need to stop spreading rumors about who's good and who's bad unless we're 100% sure
The regime is very confident and powerful, they think they're more powerful than the people. This is not true, and never will be. Tomorrow we're going to Tahrir to stress on the fact that we demand the removal of the whole regime, and not only its head. We believe in the military and we know that they're working for our welfare and we're going Tahrir tomorrow to support them. If the regime is more powerful than the military, it's definitely not more powerful than 85 million Egyptians. Let's stay united as we have ever been, let's set all our differences aside, let's put our trust in the military and only the military. Let's show the regime that they can't fool us again and that we will not stop until they all leave.

Yesterday I've decided that I'm going to ignore everyone supporting Ahmed Shafiq, Mubarak or their regime. I've decided that I'm going to ignore all the rumors. But I was wrong to do so; we all have to talk to people, if some of us were wronged and believed some of the rumors or trusted some one who couldn't be trusted, then we should talk to them and explain our point of view. We have to do this to keep the revolution alive. I fell in the trap of losing trust in the military and I was talked out of it. None of us is an expert in politics, so we need to think together, talk with each other, convince each other. That's the job of all us, we have to stay united, we have to catch whoever falls and take them back on the ship to freedom.


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