What's Happening Backstage?

There’s nothing to ask ourselves today except what might happen tomorrow. Things are starting to blur, no one can see the complete picture anymore. We got to know that the military can be trusted, and so we trusted them. Even though Egyptians have very huge trust problems after 30 years of promises that were never kept and lies from everyone around us. The question now is, what are they waiting for? Why are they moving too slowly? There were many answers to this question, only God knows which one is the real answer.
 The first scenario was said by some who were talking about an anti revolution and that the regime and their thugs might try to make the army think that people don’t trust them anymore. So they say the plan might be that they kill soldiers from the army and let them think revolutionaries did it, this way the army will not be on our side. But could the regime be stronger than the army? Some say yes, they have the police on their side, state security, intelligence office, government thugs, NDP thugs, and businessmen thugs. But if this is the case, then why isn’t the army taking action NOW to sack the whole regime? If these people are not in their positions, it will be harder for them to bring us their thugs. Plus they have already tried this back on January 28th and 29th and failed. I do agree that the regime is very strong and cannot be brought down easily, but I don’t really understand what’s happening between the army and the regime right now.
Another scenario is that Israel and USA are pressuring to bring Omar Soliman, their best friend and keep the regime as is.  The military is of course sure that the people will never accept that and so they fell into a deadlock. The military never liked Omar Soliman either, so they wouldn’t want him to be in power even for one day. This is a very bad scenario; this might get us into bigger problems, given that Israel is our next door neighbor. We all know that it’s best for Israel if we stay as bad as we are and that it might go as far as it takes to keep us from growing. But they’re already going through too many wars, would they want to have one more warfront only to stop us from growing even if we promised that the peace treaty is still on? Let’s hope not.
The third scenario is built on the fact that Tantawy is part of the regime and might have his own fraud cases too. If this is the case, then Tantawy wouldn’t want all the fraud cases opened because his name might be in any of them. He also might be benefitting from this regime somehow and so, he wants it to stay in power. It’s clear now that the army doesn’t want the power, but it might want someone they like in power.
The last scenario is that the military promised Mubarak and his regime a safe exit, and they’re now sending all their money to off-shore banks and getting ready to leave. Since they had the military’s promise, they’re giving them time to burn all their documents and transfer all their money.
These are the four scenarios that everyone is talking about, and I’m confused, I don’t know what to think. Everyone is talking as if they’re 100% sure of their scenario and nobody is talking about what might happen next. I’m more inclined to the first and second scenarios for many reasons:
  1. Mubarak is still in Egypt
  2. Shafiq has spoken with strong confidence in his press conference on Sunday
  3. Shafiq said that Omar Soliman might be given an important position by the military in the transitional period
  4. He said that he might bring Emad Adeeb as the minister of media when he knows how much people hate him, it’s like he’s showing us that he’s stubborn and is not going anywhere
  5. He said we’re not in a hurry to change ministers when, according to the army, his cabinet is only a caretaker that will go soon
  6. Israel has said many times that it would like to see Omar Soliman in power if Mubarak leaves  
The youth coalition have contacted the military yesterday and asked them for a meeting and never received a reply. They have sent them a list of candidates for the whole cabinet and haven’t received a reply either. A lot of detainees are still nowhere to be found. They haven’t changed the law of establishment of political parties. I’m not sure if this is all because they’re too slow, or for some other reasons. But what I know is that some of these things are very easy to do and won’t take more than a day. It’s been six days now, and according to the coalition, only three out of 35 demands were met. Definitely something is keeping them.
Whatever their excuse might be, we should all go to Tahrir tomorrow, for many reasons and none of them is against the army. After all, they’re the ones who refused to open fire on us, and they’re the ones who forced Mubarak to leave. Here’s why I think we should all go to Tahrir tomorrow:
  1. To have a memorial service for our martyrs 
  2. To celebrate freedom, or the part we gained
  3. To remind the regime and the army that we’re watching them and won’t let anyone takeover our revolution
  4. To ask the military to move faster and accept the help of civilians so we can sack the whole regime as soon as possible. Because 85 million and the military are a lot stronger than a regime
  5. To say that we want all our detainees out
  6. To say that we want whoever was responsible for killing our martyrs to be prosecuted
  7. To say that we want all our many back
  8. To remind everyone of our demands
  9. And because everyday this regime stays in power means more of our money stolen        


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