The Domino Effect: Libya

Tunisia revolts and Ben Ali kills more than a hundred and everyone starts talking about how brutal he is....... then he falls.

Egypt revolts and Mubarak kills more than three hundred and everyone starts saying that he made Ben Ali look like an angel when he used snipers, had cars run over people, brought thugs and police and gave them Molotov cocktails and live ammunition, and even had animals involved in this massacre...... then he falls.

Libya revolts to join her two next door neighbors in the list of free Arab countries, but is met by a war criminal. I'll will not say the he made Mubarak look like an angel, because we all know that Mubarak wanted our army to fire on us. I'll say that we were more fortunate to have the whole army refuse to fire on us. The mad dog didn't only make the army kill their people using air crafts, but has also brought many mercenaries to kill Libyans. These mercenaries are given a huge amount of money, of course from Libya's accounts. He used the people's money to kill them. He's not Libyan, he's not a human being, he's not even a living thing..... but he will fall.

In the Iranian revolution against the Shah, he killed 12,000 Iranians, and he still fell. Rulers never learn that no one can stand against people's power, this only costs more deaths, but people will win in the end. Qaddafi doesn't mind killing the whole country; his, as mad as his daddy, son said so in his speech. Who is he to give a speech anyway? So someone has to stop this bloodbath, but who?

If no one stops this, Libyans will do it their way, they will never stop and they will get to Qaddafi, kill him and his family and regain their freedom, but if this happens more will die. Who can help? The UN can, the international community can, Egypt and Tunisia can. I'm not saying that the army should take action, but if Qaddafi receives threats from armies, he might think again. If the UN says that Qaddafi will be prosecuted as a war criminal, this can make him think again. This can't go on forever, the world can't watching this massacre. 

Please don't tell me that Libyans wouldn't want help from the world to bring down this man, because we all know that they do. As an Egyptian, I'd love to see our armed forces condemn what's happening and give some threats; they can even say that they're saying so for the 1.5 million Egyptians who live there. Egypt has to say something, we can't just stay silent and watch our next door neighbors die....


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