Egypt Revolts: Day Two

Wednesday, January 26th 2011

Nobody knew what will happen after yesterday’s demonstrations, or let me say, uprising. Yesterday has succeeded by all means. Yes, we haven’t seen any government official come out and speak, we didn’t either see a change in the government or parliament, but we’ve seen Egyptians  break the fear factor. We’ve seen demonstrations that Egypt haven’t seen for many years, that none of the Facebook youth that organized these demonstrations have seen in their lives. Yesterday has encouraged people to speak up, to work hard, for the change they, and all of us, want.

What we’ve seen in Tunisia has happened here yesterday; our Sidi Buzeed has come to life. The stupid police in Suez has used live bullets to divide the demonstrations there. This of course has resulted in the killing of three people, and that’s what we know, of course they might be more. The stupid police and the even more stupid government didn’t understand that Egyptians will never run away. They didn’t understand that they now have put blood in between people and the police. That the Egyptian dignity is back and will never sit and watch other Egyptians being killed.

This is exactly what happened today; today Egyptians were angrier than they were yesterday. Today there were demonstrations everywhere across Egypt. There were demonstrations in Cairo; in Abbaseya, in 6th of October, in Nasr City, in Shobra, in front of syndicates and of course in Tahrir. There were also demonstrations in Alexandria, Monofeya, Mahalla, Ismaeleya, damanhoor, of course Seuz and many others. Today Egypt has proved that there’s no stopping to this until the Egyptian demands are achieved.
Today the government has blocked Facebook and Google Services after they’ve closed Twitter and newspaper websites yesterday. A while later, Nazif said that nothing is blocked, and suddenly the government have unblocked everything. That has happened after Clinton condemned the blocking of websites in Egypt! At night, everything was blocked again.

Today in Suez, more live bullets were shot, and the people got angrier and angrier. Sheikh Hafez Salama is leading people towards more demonstrations, to never stop, to keep trying. Sheikh Hafez Salama has been struggling since the wars with Israel and looks like he has no plans of stopping. Not only him, but all the people of Suez, have no intentions of stopping until their demands are achieved. Suez will be the flame that keeps this uprising burning.

Today none of the Egyptian media talked about the Day of anger. As if nothing has happened yesterday! Al Ahram, the official newspaper, main headline was about the demonstrations…. In LEBANON!!! Channel One, said that the people celebrated with the police and have given them flowers and chocolate!!!! On the other side, the good side, the Egyptian side, Kollena Khalid Saeed and 6 April called for another, bigger, demonstration across Egypt on Friday. I’m very optimistic I feel that Friday might be the end of the Mubarak Regime, ya Rab.


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