Egypt Revolts: Day Three

Thursday, January 27th 2011

Today was sort of quiet in comparison with the past two days, but still there were demonstrations all across Egypt.  Of course the biggest of which was in Suez, where more people were killed. Everyone is getting ready for tomorrow, the big day. There was a campaign to boycott all cell phones today from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, because they’ve cut off the network on those who were protesting on the 25th of January. An hour later, the three networks cut off the SMS services. Of course Facebook, Twitter, and Google Services were blocked. I don’t know what else they plan on doing, lock us up at home? There is also news about cutting the internet connection tomorrow! But let them do whatever they wish, I’m sure that there is no turning back now, people will be on the streets until Mubarak is out of here. I also got news that the army will be in the streets tomorrow. Could it be that tomorrow will be the end? That we will finish this up in four days? I certainly hope so, but I really don’t think that the army will roam the streets tomorrow, let’s wait and see though.


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