Why Should we Protest Tomorrow?

To support the army. Yes, the army has always been on our side, don't lose trust in the army. Here are some reasons to go to Tahrir tomorrow:

  1. The Anti revolution is going strong and is spreading news about the sectarian acts from the people's side and the army's. We have to show them that we don't believe them, and that we're as united as we ever were. We have to show them that we know very well that these acts are only done by state security and nobody else.
  2. The interior ministry is going crazy again. A police officer killed a guy today and people hit him and set a police truck on fire. Now there are two protests in Maadi; one in front of the officer's house even though the guy is in the hospital. His father, who's a high rank officer, is shooting into the air from his balcony. The second protest is in Saqr Qoraysh in front of the police department and there is news that some thugs are joining the protest to get even with the police. This isn't good, this will turn into a fight, we want to keep all our protests as peaceful as they ever were. And of course, we need to show the police that what they're doing is unacceptable.
  3. The regime is still there, Shafiq and three of his worst minsters are still there, and are working very hard to abort the revolution. The regime has to leave completely, they have to leave. Everyday they stay, they burn their documents, send their money offshore and try to divide us. They have to leave NOW.
  4. State security is still there, still working as strong as ever. They even burned their documents yesterday. They know very well that they have to abort this revolution or it will be the end of them.
  5. Some detainees haven't been released yet.
  6. Emergency laws can't stay for six more months.
  7. The laws of parties haven't changed.
Things might get out of hand if we don't act quickly, please remember that the regime is very strong and has the support of the U.S. and Israel.  Please remember that they would do anything they can to abort the revolution id they stay in power. Last week when we protested, we brought down many ministers. Tomorrow we'll protest and hopefully bring down every single person of the illegitimate regime. If we protest, we give the army a strong reason to bring down this strong regime even if U.S. and Israel support them.


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