Revolution 2.0: Thank you Salah Jahin

على اسم مصر التاريخ يقدر يقول ما شاء

أنا مصر عندي أحب وأجمل الأشياء

بحبها وهي مالكة الأرض شرق وغرب

وبحبها وهي مرمية جريحة حرب

بحبها بعنف وبرقة وعلى استحياء

واكرهها وألعن أبوها بعشق زي الداء

واسيبها واطفش في درب وتبقى هي ف درب

وتلتفت تلاقيني جنبها في الكرب

والنبض ينفض عروقي بألف نغمة وضرب

على اسم مصر
I've posted this poem by Salah Jahin almost a year ago. I considered myself as one of the few people who love Egypt deeply and would never give up on making it a better place, and that's why I posted it. I posted it because Salah Jahin's words are so pure, they come right from the heart, they say it all. I wasn't wrong at all about Salah Jahin, because when I read this again I really felt each and every word, and they felt different and so did Soora in Tahrir, I only understood what he really meant after going to Tahrir. I see Salah Jahin as one of the heroes of this revolution, no words can be more inspiring than his words. When he said صور يا زمان , this explained our live on air revolution. When he said الهيبعد من الميدان عمره ماهيبان في الصورة , he also explained exactly how all eyes of the whole word were set on the squares in different cities all across Egypt. When he said من اصغر طفلة بجدايل , he drew the revolution that has families and people from all ages. When he said in his poem واسيبها واطفش في درب وتبقى هي ف درب وتلتفت تلاقيني جنبها في الكرب he explained why some Egyptians living abroad left their lives and work and came back to join the revolution. Salah Jahin had a huge heart and a great tendency to love and he loved Egypt deeply, more than anyone who lived at that time. Of course I was only right about Salah Jahin, but not about myself. I knew that when I saw the people who truly love Egypt, those who saw that what's happening is wrong and actually did something about it more than just posting a nice poem. Those who risked everything for a better Egypt, and of course those who gave their lives to liberate Egypt. I didn't even understand the meaning of loving Egypt until I went to Tahrir. Enough about me, this post is dedicated to Salah Jahin, one of the revolution's heroes, who would've definitely taken part in it if he were alive. I hope we made him proud, and I'm very grateful to him for writing these very inspiring words that I'm sure helped so many choose the right side.

Here's the link to the full poem: على اسم مصر - صلاح جاهين


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