Egypt Revolts: Day Fifteen

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

There was no place to set foot in Tahrir today, at least 3 million in there. Not only this, they got into the streets around them too. Not only this, tens of thousands are surrounding the parliament and the cabinet office. Not only this, many many workers at firms and syndicates protested; Ahram, Rose El Youssef, Telephone company in Ramsis, Sigma Medical Company, syndicate of workers, syndicate of journalists, Staff of Cairo University, God I can’t even remember what else. It’s been AMAZING Cairo was all protesting.  Not only this, but the revolution was vibrating the streets across Egypt; a million in Alex, Suez, Sohag, Bany Swaif, Ismaeleya, Aswan, Areesh, Damietta, Kharga,  Mansoura, Luxor. Never was the number of protesters that huge. Let the Obama administration say whatever it wants, let the MB make any deals they wish. It’s US, yes us who’ll bring change. Today was simply the best day of Egypt’s long long life. Everyday this week, proves that Egyptians will be victorious at the end. 

Omar Soliman came out today to say that Mubarak has made a committee to change the constitution and another to find the truth about the Battle of the Camels. But of course, nobody’s even listened to him. Meanwhile, there were sit-ins all across Egypt. Those who protested by the parliament have decided to spend the night there too, and the army let them. Despite of everything that happened, Mubarak is still hiding....


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