Tahrir Today: Saving the Revolution

I reached Tahrir with my family at around 1:30, there were already around 700,000 protesters there. Stages were put up, many were chanting, distributing flyers, hanging banners against the army or asking them which side they're taking. I wasn't searched and my ID wasn't even checked. I didn't see any army soldiers, and only a few central security.

There were almost no MB at all in the square today. There were flags and chants for Libya, Yemen, Syria, Palestine and even Japan. Later, numbers increased to more than a million. There were many chants demanding the prosecution of Soroor, El Sherif and Azmy, and of course the Mubaraks. Other chants were for the attorney general, asking him to either take action or leave. And others were saying that Muslims and Christians will always be united, and that we want a secular and civil government. Some also asked PM Sharaf about the new protests' law.

It was very hot today in Cairo, and even hotter in Tahrir. There were many street vendors selling cold drinks and others selling revolution goods. Many had very long flags and walked around the square chanting. Tahrir was serious today, it was not a festival, it was a serious warning to the army. It was a message that if nothing happens this week, protests next Friday will be bigger.


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