Just a Thought: Similarities between Gran Torino and Our Revolution

I'm finding many similarities between our revolution and many different things that I'm starting to think that this is just the laws of nature and our revolution wasn't epic and unprecedented or anything. OK, I'm joking of course, it is epic and unprecedented, but something reminded me of Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino yesterday and the number of similarities between this movie and our revolution is unbelievable.  If you have seen the movie, then please skip the next paragraph, if you haven't seen it and would like to know what I'm talking about, then read on. If you haven't seen it and plan on seeing it, then here is a SPOILER ALERT don't read this post at all until maybe after you've watched it.

Walt (Clint Eastwood)  took part in the war against Korea earlier in his life and then went to live in a Korean neighborhood in USA. The movie starts with Walt's wife's memorial service, his son lives in another state and sees him as old and useless. Walt discriminates against his Korean neighbors and hates them, until someday his young neighbor is forced by his cousins to steal his Gran Torino. Walt goes out with his shot gun and shoos that thieves away, but his neighbor's mother feels so guilty and forces her son to work for Walt as an apology. When he gets to know his Korean neighbors better, he finds out he was wrong about them. The thief cousins try to force the guy again to work for them. Walt finds himself wanting to help the guy and his sister, he takes their fight in his own hands, and at the end he's able to have them arrested for murder. And he loses his life in the process, because he goes to them, leaves his shot gun at home, calls the police, and lets them kill him to get them arrested for it.
OK, so the similarities are this:

  • Walt didn't really have a problem of his own, he chose to take this fight because he believed in it.
  • Egyptians who started the revolution had no problem of their own, they only took this fight because they believed that their country deserves to be better.
  • Walt won his war in a very peaceful way, even though he had a shot gun, he never tried to use it in his fight.
  • Many Egyptians had weapons, and could've used them, but decided to do a very peaceful revolution.
  • Walt gave his life for his fight, and he knew he will have to give his life.
  • Egyptians took the streets on January 28th knowing that they might lose their lives, and some of them did.
  • Walt used to hate his neighbors until he got to know them better.
  • Many Egyptians didn't really care about Egypt until they knew the real Egypt and decided to fight for it.
  • Walt was encouraged by a young priest, even though he was never religious, to try to love the world
  • Egyptians were encouraged by the real sheikhs and priests in Tahrir and all other squares to love their country and fight for their cause.
  • Walt's son treated him as a useless helpless man and didn't really understand how powerful, yet peaceful he can be.
  • The regime had no idea how powerful, peaceful and civilized Egyptians can be. They took us for granted, but we proved them how powerful we are.


  1. 1. Gran Torino is one of my fave movies!
    2. I agree on the similarities,except for the first point, Egyptians had problems on their own, given the fact that many began and followed this revolution for finding a solution for their problems and the problems of the other citizens: unemployement, poverty, repression, torture, corruption etc.

    Keep the good work going :)


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