Egyptian Army, Enemy or Friend?

Let me first make one thing clear; for me, dispersing a sit-in brutally for whatever reason is unacceptable. Turning a peaceful sit-in into a war zone can never be right. The way yesterday's sit-in was dispersed can never be right, even if they did it after the curfew. And we all know that this three hour curfew is only there to give them the ability to disperse sit-ins. And it's wrong even if there were thugs among the protesters. But from my very humble point of you, (and yes I'm someone who spent my night comfortably at home, but this doesn't mean I'm not allowed to say what I think and judge from what I read from eye witnesses), the army is not the only one who did something wrong.

This army officers story sounded all wrong from the very first day. What exactly was their plan anyway? Why did they join yesterday's protest? How come they made videos and let everyone know who they are? They say they sacrificed their lives and future for Egypt, but what exactly did Egypt gain from this sacrifice? I mean if they're willing sacrifice everything then there must be something that Egypt gains from this sacrifice, otherwise it would be useless and they would just be losing everything for nothing. Is the gain in this situation that they let us know that the supreme council is part of the old regime and doesn't want to do anything to their best friends? Well, this isn't news to anyone. We all know that the supreme council is not made up of angels and that they are trying so hard not to harm their friends and moving very slowly because they too might have their own crimes that they would always want to hide. This is exactly the same reason why governors and local councils haven't changed. But we can't just fight with everyone, some things must come in sequence.

So these officers' sacrifice is useless and they are wise enough to know that. They are also wise enough to know that people won't really be able to help them forever. If they thought that the sit-in might have been able to protect them yesterday, I'm sure they knew that this sit-in will never be able to protect them forever. So they knew very well that they will be detained and maybe even executed, and for nothing. No wise person would sacrifice their life for no good reason.

This fact is making me believe that these officers are not genuine or at least their story is not. If they wanted to do something big and of an importance then they would have tried a military coup, (which would've been really bad of course). If they wanted to support people's demands then they didn't have to do it in uniform. If they wanted to protest as Egyptians then what's the use of telling everyone their job? Something is not right about this, something is totally wrong.

The fact that these officers were accepted without thinking is not right, the fact that people decided to have a sit-in to protect them, when they know that they will not be able to protect them forever and they will definitely end up detained is also wrong. The fact that the chants went from the revolution's common demands to bringing down Tantawi was also wrong. We all know very well that fighting with the army is not a good idea, and I'm sure these officers know that well too. Fighting with the army means losing them, and they're ruling the country now. It also means losing people, because not everyone will want a fight with the army. The fact that once we read the army's communique about Ibrahim Kamel, everyone decided not to believe it, is also wrong. Isn't there just a 1% possibility that those who were detained admitted that Ibrahim Kamel payed them to do this?

It's clear that the army can't work alone, but fighting with them is not really the solution. It will only divide everyone. If we should protest today then it should be for using brutality and killing some, but definitely not to bring down the supreme council. We really need to think before we react, we need to think where these reactions will lead us. We can't just react and say whatever comes to our mind out of anger and not know what can happen next. Please let's calm down, and think things over before we react.


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