Mubarak's Speech

What happened yesterday in Tahrir was a plan to divide between the SCAF and the people. There are many talks about how this was planned by Zakareya Azmy's men, and I believe them, why? Because this has happened a few days after he was arrested, and because we all know that how slow the SCAF was in taking action is because they're too scared of the regime's gang because they too have stolen our money and everything. So once the SCAF had to take an extra step forward, the gang has also taken a an extra step and tried to do a military coup, and of course lead to a division between the army and the people. Well, this has partly failed, so now to the next step...

If people won't get too busy fighting with the army and the army can't mess anything up, then they can try something else. If Mubarak is now ready and hid all his money, then it's time to try to gain the people's sympathy. This had to happen, because now the army has also gotten angry and Mubarak's friends in there might not all stay on his side. So now that he has no money that we can find easily, he'll try to gain people's sympathy and maybe he can get out of all his problems. Why do it? Because we CAN still get our money, if the army gets to angry and puts him in prison until he brings us the money, then we can.

I don't know if I'm the only person who feels this, but I think that this speech has, as it has always done, united us and woke us up. Mubarak's speeches are always our wake up call. He always gave us a reason to stay united and work hard for our revolution. He reminded us that we should take the next step and move forward until all our demands are met. But what's even better this time, is that he managed to make the army angrier. I know this sounds wrong, but I think that Mubarak's speech are always positive, they keep us on the right track.


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