Egypt Revolts: Day Fourteen

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Things are starting to slow down from the government’s side. The revolutionaries can still bring two million to the square, and of course this is only Cairo. We by now have understood that it might take a while before Mubarak leaves, but that doesn’t matter, we will wait and we will get what we want. We’re winning every day; we win compromises from the government and win more people on our side and that’s good enough to keep us strong and resilient.

Mubarak and his regime planned to keep everyone busy with going to work, but of course they were too stupid to do anything right. People started protesting and striking at work today. Tahrir today had almost no MB, but still the numbers were in hundreds of thousands. They've proved that the revolution has nothing to do with them, and will go on whether they're going to be part of it or not, so thanks to them. They've shown their real side, no more acting, so again they should be thanked for letting everyone know the truth about them.

Our driver is anti Mubarak, but doesn’t do anything about it, he’s even too scared to move from where he parks the car to inside the square. Many are that scared, many are on our side but are too scared to protest. Not everyone broke their walls of fear, it only takes one protest, but many haven't tried it. Many people we know thought of us as a crazy family because we went to Tahrir. If these people broke their walls of fear the numbers would dramatically increase.

Wael Ghonim has been released today, and it was confirmed many times that he's the admin of Kollena Khaled Saeed. He came on TV today and left everyone speechless, he said it all, he changed everything. He's a very pure person, he doesn't live in Egypt, works at Google, doesn't need money, he only started this, along with others, for dignity and social justice. He cried so hard when he talked about the martyrs, he said that this is the regime's fault and not anyone else's. He cried and made all Egyptians cry with him. He wanted to go, and stood up and went on his way. His interview has changed many minds, if tomorrow is going to be a million man's march, then it's going to be partially because of him.


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