Egypt Revolts: Day Thirteen

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

My Egyptologist cousin has always told us that all Egyptian temples had these words carved on their walls: "Egypt is filled with life and power"....

Today Egypt was back to life, all works were open, most of the shops were open again. Streets were very busy again, people left their hiding places at home and went back to the streets. Tahrir and other squares today were filled with life and power. The fact that Egypt was back to life didn't stop anyone from revolting. Tahrir was filled with life, everyone was talking, chanting, laughing, singing, praying, everyone was full of life. It was filled with power, people knew how strong they are, people were serious, they were resilient, they were powerful.

Today was the first million man march this week, and even though people had to go to work, there more than a million in the squares.  Chants were as loud as ever, the whole square chanted together, the sound vibrated the ground. There was a katb ketab in Tahrir today and a wedding yesterday. This how much people are ready to live in there until the regime falls, this is how happy and optimistic everyone is.

The MB said they’ll meet with up with Omar Soliman before Mubarak resigns. They will negotiate to let Mubarak stay and delegate all his authorities to Omar Soliman and have a coalition government. Mubarak’s regime is trying to make people believe that according to the constitution Mubarak is needed so they can change it, and since changing it will need at least 70 days, which is 10 days more than Omar Soliman can be president according to the constitution then Mubarak must stay.They said they won’t run for presidency, but would like to be part of a transitional government. They also said that this meeting would mean that they won't take part in the sit-ins anymore. If feel ashamed of myself for ever respecting these people, they only care about themselves.


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