Egypt Revolts: Day Twelve

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 (Resistance Week)

Today has started with just a few hundreds in Tharir and other squares in Egypt. It was scary in the morning, the numbers have never been that low ever since the revolution started. But as the Day went on, the numbers have increased again.By midday, they were a few hundreds thousands again. I went at around 1:00; search points moved a little since the numbers weren't as many as they were yesterday. It started raining, everyone was very happy, didn't mind getting wet and started to pray.

Today there were also many Solidarity protests all over the world. Meanwhile in Egypt, some army officer came and asked people to go back home, they answered by chanting that they will not leave unless Mubarak leaves. So the officer just left. The army is being too neutral! Tanks decided to move today, to decrease the revolutionaries' space. They reacted by lying in front of the tanks to stop them from moving. There was an explosion in the lines that export gas to Israel and Jordan today. Nothing serious happened though, but the exporting has stopped and will take a while to go back. 

These are the demands of the revolutionaries that were put up in Tahrir Yesterday:

  1. Resignation of the president
  2. End of State of Emergency
  3. Dissolution of the parliament
  4. Formation of a national transitional government
  5. An elected Parliament that will amend the constitution to allow for presidential elections
  6. Immediate prosecution for those responsible for deaths of the revolution's martyrs
  7. Immediate prosecution of the corrupt and those who robbed the country of its wealth

Other than that, nothing else happened today. Nevertheless, today was as important as any other day. Today was the day that proved that no one's going to give up. Today has proved, yet again, that out revolution will go on until victory. Tomorrow, is another million man march, and will be a further proof that we will win at the end.


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